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Thread: (Video) - Disney World - DONE! - Final Day

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    (Video) - Disney World - DONE! - Final Day

    Hey all,

    It's our travel day home.... but not before breakfast and last minute bits

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    So sorry that another one of your trips involved sickness but you all made the most of it anyway. Thanks again for sharing your adventures with us! My husband and I will be in Disney May 5-12 so maybe we'll see you in the parks if you're there then.

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    Thanks for watching Linda - yes, we'll be there then. If you see us - come and say 'hi'

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    Im not sure if Ive commented before but I love your videos. Its too bad you had to deal with illness but you had the best of it. I love how you show the bad with the good because Disney is a great vacation but its a lot of work.



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