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Thread: Presidents Sunday Morning

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    Presidents Sunday Morning

    We had tickets for the 10am Star Wars movie. Yes, Seen it but doing for one more time for $7.09/ticket via Fandango with a $3 service charge.

    Got in early, around 7:15 and parked outside in parking construction land. Walked Downtown Disney to California Adventure. The only ride as long as we could get fastpass was Guardians before the movie.

    So we score 8:05 FP but this is a change from weeks past. The FP line is closed now until 8. We get in line and get another FP via MaxPass for 8:15. Wash, Rinse, Repeat until disaster strikes. Someone brought a soda on the ride and while we are staged we are told the compartment is covered in soda and we will be moved. Bleh.

    Future rides show they only load one side of the car that had the spill. It must have been bad.

    Overall we get 5 rounds in and walk over to the movie. It could have been six if not for the Soda Jerk, LOL.

    We noticed as we walked from California Adventure to the theater the park is getting real busy.

    It is empty as Black Panther has the crowds.

    We come out from the movie at 12:50 and HOLY COW, Downtown Disney is packed. We have a 1pm reservation for the Jazz Kitchen and get our seats inside. We order only appetizers, Cheese Bread, Boudin Balls (YUM!) and off the menu Crab Cake.

    On our way out there is a sea of people as we head out. We notice SplitsVille has the shades draws as the afternoon sun shines down. I love SoCal for this!

    That is it, we head home after our 2nd One Only Ride day. The first was the last day of Screamin'.

    Our grand daughter is just shy of 40", We can't wait.

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