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Thread: First Trip to Disneyland since Diabetes Diagnosis - Questions

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    First Trip to Disneyland since Diabetes Diagnosis - Questions

    My sister was diagnosed with diabetes and is now on insulin. We are planning our first trip to the resort since her diagnosis. While we think we have everything covered (where to test, inject, food, snacks, insulated backpack, etc.)( We were wondering if you need a copy of a prescription for needles to bring the insulin pens and needles into the resort. (security checkpoint). As they are pens, there are no glass vials to worry about and no syringes. Just small disposible needles that go on the end of them. As the box is fairly good sized, she normally carries a smaller amount of her needles in a small baggie in her insulated insulin pen case, Also we heard that there are sharps containers in the bathrooms. Anyone know if this is true?

    Once we get there we will probably have a million questions. Any tips or ideas would be more than appreciated. We are bound not to let this slow us down. But could use some help. Thanks!

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    Sharps containers yes.
    They never even question my Epipens.
    They should be able to recognize insulin without issue.
    We had 1 security CM question N about her prescription pills in her purse. To the extent of asking her what they were for. She got reported. Otherwise we never have had an issue. Don't forget first aid will just let her have a quiet place to test or rest as well.

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    Thanks so much!

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    Most pharmacies will give you a 40dram vial with a label on it that she could put a small supply of needles in and then put that in the insulated bag, if you want to be extra cautious and have a prescription labeled item. **disclaimer you would have had to get the needles at the pharmacy to start with so they can reprint the label and label the vial for you, if you get them mail order this will not work at your local pharmacy***



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