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Thread: February room availability seems very slim.

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    February room availability seems very slim.

    Hi Everyone,
    So I was thinking of squeezing in a 4/5 day stay at WDW for these last 2 weekends in February. The dates I"m looking at are 2/16 thru 2/22 or 2/24 thru 2/28. And so far I haven't come up with anything that's below $350. Is there something going on like a cheerleading competition or convention or something? I know the Festival of the Arts is going on but that shouldn't take up so many hotel rooms.
    Anybody know? I'm thinking I'll have to give up on a Feb. trip which means I'll be running into Spring Breakers if I try to go in March. *ugh*

    Thanks for any info or ideas!

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    The rundisney Princess races are February 22 to 25, so that probably accounts for a lot of booked hotel rooms. February 19 is also the Presidents' Day holiday so some people might be doing a long weekend.

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    February 19 also is the start of winter break for schools up here in cold New England, lots of folks head down to WDW for that week.

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    Thank you so much for the replies. I forgot all about President's Day since I don't have it off. And I sure didn't know that there would be a winter break so early. Spring Break for Florida is in March.

    Thanks again!!

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    February room availability seems very slim.

    One of those weeks is also a UK half term. Not that we would fill WDW!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobydooby View Post
    One of those weeks is also a UK half term. Not that we would fill WDW!!!
    Thank you! lol

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    Just wanted to come back and say that I snagged a room at POR 2/28 - 3/4. So thanks to everyone who replied!!



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