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Thread: New Friends From Baltimore

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    New Friends From Baltimore

    My wife's AP expired yesterday (Sunday) so Friday we went to squeeze in a little more Disney before it did. We'd never eaten at ESPNzone and wanted to try it before it goes away, so we did that. It was a little on the empty side, I suppose because everybody was waiting for Super Bowl Sunday. Anyway, in DCA we only had one goal which was to get a Fast Pass for a World of Color show. We've never bothered to do that since FPs were offered. Got FPs for the 9:00 show. Now what to do? Let's go on Soaring. Headed over and the wait time was 45 minutes. Not too bad. Once inline we noticed a girl behind us wearing a Neverland Denim Jacket, the one with the Peter Pan patches embroidered all over it. We comented on how our daughter is also a PP fan, and got talking to the girl and her mother. They were there all the way from Baltimore to celebrate the girl's 21st birthday. The conversation was wide ranging, and the time in line was over too soon for once. We sent our separate ways after the ride. My wife and I went over to Disneyland and rode the railroad since she hadn't been on it since it reopened. Then we went home to check on our dogs and take naps before heading back for dinner and the WoC. We ate at La Brea Bakery in DTD and as we were leaving, wouldn't you know, we ran into our Baltimore friends in the bakery. This time hugs were given and we again went our separate ways. We hoped to bump into them again on Saturday in Disneyland and for sure that would be a sign we needed to exchange social media contacts or SOMEthing. We ended up getting there kind of late on Saturday night and alas, didn't find our friends even though we stayed until 12:45 am.

    So, thank you Disney for the magic, and thank you Denise and Paris of Baltimore for being the bright spots in our day!

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    I love this.

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