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Thread: New FP+ purchase (pilot program, apparently?) for Club Level guests. Thoughts?

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    New FP+ purchase (pilot program, apparently?) for Club Level guests. Thoughts?

    Anyone else read this new thing about purchasing additional FP+ for resort guests staying in Club Level accommodations?

    Link. Link2. (link 2 I noted other details - the 90 day thing is perhaps an interesting aspect)

    The detail of attraction type (presumably no "tier" limitations? or maybe there would be?) allowed for these wasn't in the story I don't think.

    At first I look at it and don't like it, but then I think through the current ability to add additional FP+ for attractions after you use your first three, and I wonder how many people would spend the extra money ($50/day with 3 day minimum for a minimum up-charge of $150 for the 3 days) for this.

    Even if it kills off the tiers, if the only big advantage is being able to assure getting both of things like RRC and TSMM at DHS or TT and Soarin at EPC (I think I have those tier pairings right, but forgive me if I goofed), I'm not sure if it's worth the money.

    When I read the second story and saw the 90 day thing, Flight of Passage immediately came to mind as people with shorter resort stays have apparently had issues getting any FP+ at their 60 day mark (due to others with longer stays eating up the entire FP+ allocation of the shorter stay before the shorter stay FP+ window opens).

    Thoughts? It says this pilot program starts this weekend, which I assume means people with Club Level reservations that start 90 days from now can sign up for this.

    Will this be very popular, or will it go the way of Express Transportation between the parks?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave1313 View Post
    Anyone else read this new thing about purchasing additional FP+ for resort guests staying in Club Level accommodations?
    Will this be very popular, or will it go the way of Express Transportation between the parks?
    I think it will stick around unless there is media backlash. I don't think that many people will actually notice the difference unless they are participating or it gets rolled out to a lot more resorts. I found an older article online that broke down the number of club level rooms and suites per hotel and the summary was 610 club level rooms and 152 suites. The actual numbers are probably a bit more now, as some of the DVC premium rooms are being given access to this as well. But going with just the club rooms and suites, if every room was booked 90+ days in advance and each room had 4 guests, that's still barely over 3,000 people. And I highly doubt that aside from perhaps a few peak periods, every room is booked 60+ days in advance [if they were, I think we would be hearing more about Disney building an all club/suites resort].

    To put this in perspective, flight of passage has a theoretical hourly capacity of 1,550. I don't know how much of this is given away as Fastpasses, but if every room was full and every guest chose to ride Flight of Passage every day, there would still be Fastpass+ available at the 60 day mark.

    Personally, I see this as Disney taking another grab at Concierge money without having to raise the overall price to upgrade to a suite at check-in. Right now, if you book at a club level, you have the ability to use their guides to make all of your reservations for you. You gain that right if you upgrade at check-in, but at that point most people have already done a lot of the leg-work themselves. I've read that currently concierge can't easily book the Fastpass+ for you, because they don't arrive at work and start doing this until the online opens for everyone else who is racing to get in the premium rides/attractions. Plus, if you are only staying for 3 days (the minimum under this program), then Flight of Passage may all be gone by the time you are trying to book at the 60 day mark.

    By giving people who are willing to pay more early access, they don't have to deal with the mad scramble to make the reservations right away. This gives the guest and the concierge department more time to communicate without worrying that the spots will be taken by someone else and a high-level guest will be shut out. It wouldn't surprise me if Disney was giving blank Fastpasses to Concierge level guests who couldn't book Fastpass+ for their preferred rides, although I have no actual knowledge that they were doing so. As a high level guest, I would be outraged if Disney Concierge was unable to guarantee me Fastpass+ for my preferred rides if I'm booking 3+ months before my trip. This solves that problem by telling the guest that they can [essentially] guarantee them their ride preferences ... if they pay more.

    And now seems like a great time to roll this out. It's long enough after Pandora - the World of Avatar opened that it doesn't look like it's directly related to that attraction but also soon enough before Star Wars Land that it doesn't seem like a cash grab just for those fans.

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    I have stayed in Club level numerous times, most recently in October of 2017. The concierges never gave out blank fast passes when they couldnt get the rides we were interested in. In fact, the rules are they can only give you what is available to the public.

    Im not surprised that Disney finally got around to trying this, its been rumored ever since fast passes first started. Dont know if I would use it since I visit fairly often.

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    $50 per day per person? I'm not willing to pay for Maxpass at $10 per day.

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    Did a show on this last Thursday and to be honest, I dont see this as a big deal.

    Reason being - Im not the target demographic for this offering. I dont stay CL, and I dont think I would pay $200 for the four of us for three more FP's.

    Ok, if I did stay CL, maybe one day so I can ride FoP without issues, but thats about it. And even then... not even sure I would do it.

    Given that there are limited number of CL rooms on property and the fact that not everyone is going to want to do this, I see this as barely making a blip in the whole scheme of things in the FP world.

    I know that we would all love to do everything that Disney offers, but truth be told, sometimes the cost is just too high. Then you work with what you have and you will still have a magical vacation.

    Disclosure: I did stay CL once. For one night at the Poly. As a treat for my daughter as a HS Grad present. And it was NOT cheap and a stretch in the budget.

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