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Thread: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland, Anaheim?

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    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland, Anaheim?

    Does anyone know if this game can be played in Anaheim, or if it even still exists at all?

    I'd also like to know if there is anything like this I can introduce my child to just to play outside of the park, as an alternative to Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, etc.

    Many thanks!

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    Not played at Disneyland unfortunately, it does still exist at WDW, along with a few other similar electronic/live games at the other WDW parks.

    That game is very dependent on electronic technology more than the cards themselves, so I'm not quite sure what you're asking. I mean, Pokemon playing cards, Pokemon for the DS, and Pokemon Go all are part of the same universe of characters but are very, very different. I am not aware of any games that have a cross-over physical card + online/interactive feature. If they like Magic the Gathering, have they tried the online game Hearthstone?

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    Thanks for your reply and suggestions, currence.

    Maybe I can clarify...My son, just turned 8, is very into his Xbox and I've been looking into games I could introduce him to that would play out in real life, with real people (ha ha) in order to lure him away from the on screen games for a while. I looked into MTG and even got some cards but realised it may be beyond what he is ready for, and Pokemon seems to be only about trading cards at his school, rather than engaging in play. But I happened across someone's post on Instagram that showed this Magic Kingdom based game which had cards so I went searching for what it was and figured it to be Sorcerers of the MK. I love the idea of there being a Disney based card game but I guess, perhaps, this is not going to be what I want (not to mention in the wrong location).

    So, I'm looking for any Disney-based game that would be suitable for his age if anyone knows of one. I just though the idea of the cards you can collect was cool.

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