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Thread: Playhouse Disney - The Shanna Show

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    Playhouse Disney - The Shanna Show

    My husband is always making parodies to songs. This morning he was trying to cheer me up (I'm sick) and came up with this one to the tune of "The Shanna Show" on Playhouse Disney. My husband and I can't stand this song that goes along with it and make fun of it any time it's on. For those who have never heard the song it's to a tune much like "Under the Sea".

    My name is Shanna, it rhymes with banana,
    I know you really hate this so-o-o-o-ong.
    But Playhouse Disney gives me pay,
    And so I'll sing it anyway,
    Even though I know it's wrong.

    My name is Shane, it rhymes with lame,
    That's what I think about this so-o-o-o-ong,
    But Shanna said to sing it too,
    Or else she'll beat me black-and-blue,
    And so that's why I sing along.

    (Hubby Added this part)
    My name is Eisner, it rhymes with miser,
    I'll force you to enjoy this so-o-o-o-ong,
    My corporate plans are full of greed,
    It's cash, not fans that Disney needs,
    That's why we won't be around for long.

    I thought it was cute and wanted to share it. He gets big points for trying to make me smile even though I have a high fever and he had to go into work today!!

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