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Thread: Sue (Holland) Rayford, Early Food & Wine at Beach Club Villas, 9/28 - 10/1/17

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    Sue (Holland) Rayford, Early Food & Wine at Beach Club Villas, 9/28 - 10/1/17


    Who: Sue (58), DVC Member
    SB (60), my husband
    Chris (31), son
    Amanda (28), daughter-in-law
    Ari (14 months), grandson (10th WDW trip)
    Dates: September 28 October 2, 2017
    Resort: Disneys Beach Club Villas Resort
    Experience: Very Experienced 41st stay at this resort

    This trip was booked as an early Food & Wine weekend, but would last 4 nights since Amandas job wouldnt let them be here for longer than 2 nights towards the end of the festival when the weather would be nicer. Im definitely dreading the heat & humidity, and actually hate being here when its like this. There is nothing fun or pleasant about trying to enjoy Food & Wine with sweat dripping all over your body, but this trip is mainly for them. I honestly wouldnt care if we never entered a park except for Food & Wine after dusk <g>!

    We planned for SB to be off on Saturday, thus able to be here for most of the trip. When the work schedule came out, he is scheduled to work Saturday. He decided not to say anything, so the 1-bedroom villa I booked because of him being there may be my solo environment for 3 of the 4 nights (he could always change his mind and ask for Saturday off at the last minute). Its a waste of points, but I did what I believed was right 11 months ago! Had I waited, Id have been stuck at Old Key West or nowhere! Chris & Amanda have their own studio for the first 3 nights, so maybe well get lucky and their studio will connect to my 1-bedroom.

    I invited my friend Tiana to join us for part of the weekend, but Im not sure shell be able to come down since shes now working a second job (at Publix) and may be working both weekend days. Chris & Amanda wanted to do Chef Mickeys now that Ari is eating regular food, so I booked that 6 months ago. The reservation includes SB, but since he wont be there that day well adjust it when we arrive at the podium.

    I booked some fastpasses at 60 days, and had trouble getting Flight of Avatar. The first availability was around dinner time Saturday (day 3 of a 4-day trip). Thats our Chef Mickey day, so I figure well do breakfast, maybe hop into Magic Kingdom VERY briefly, then escape to the pool & resort. Since Saturday is a zoo at Food & Wine Festival, well head to Animal Kingdom for fastpasses when it starts to cool off. Its a shame SB will probably miss it again, but hell have a couple opportunities on our longer, nicer weather Food & Wine trip with Pete & Judy at the end of October.

    Food & Wine Festival is the priority, which is why were staying at Beach Club Villas. Thats planned for arrival day (Thursday) and Sunday, at a minimum. Were also planning pool time, since Ari loves the pool and its so freakin hot this time of year. He naps once a day, so hopefully we can do a little park stuff, enjoy the pool to delay his nap time a little bit, then relax at the resort during the peak afternoon heat & humidity while hes asleep before heading back out later.

    Were all off work on Thursday, but wont be hitting the road at the crack of dawn. Ill be spending Wednesday night at Chris & Amandas, after meeting someone to discuss interior repairs to my home (outside Irma repairs are done, and a/c was fixed last week) before a dental appointment. Thursday morning I have a mammogram at the location close to Chris & Amandas home then Ill hit the road. Theyll probably get on the road a bit ahead of Aris nap time, figuring hell sleep all the way up. SB has the shortest drive, so once I know when Im leaving the radiology place I can let him know and well all meet at Beach Club Villas and hope at least 1 of the rooms is ready early.

    Ive advised SB to bring ibruprofen in case his leg hurts again, which is probably likely since hes not been walking at all. Hes taking full responsibility for his own packing (this makes me nervous, lol) trip, so hopefully he wont show up in black dress shoes or only flip flops! I can only remind him I cant make it sink in <g>. But, hopefully he can enjoy something other than laying in the resort room this trip!

    The plans so far are:
    Thursday 9/28: Drive to WDW, Epcot
    Friday 9/29: Studios, Pool, Epcot
    Saturday 9/30: Chef Mickey, Magic Kingdom, Pool, Animal Kingdom
    Sunday 10/01: Epcot, Pool, Epcot
    Monday 10/02: Drive to Gainesville

    DAY 1 Thursday 9/28/17
    Who: Sue (58), DVC Member
    SB (60), my husband
    Chris (31), son
    Amanda (28), daughter-in-law
    Ari (14 months), grandson (10th WDW trip)

    Plan: Drive to WDW, Epcot

    Actual: The day started out benignly enough, with a failed attempt at booking my Jambo House concierge stay for next year. The first night was available before 8, but before 8;01 it was not available so frustrating! I have one more shot tomorrow morning, or Ill have to rely on the waitlist. From there I went for my mammogram, and while there learned of yet another issue at my home in Ft Myers. It feels like a money pit lately, but its all reasonable stuff that anyone should expect. Finally, the mammogram appointment took a big longer once again theres a suspicious area but it can wait for my next trip around Thanksgiving. Ill schedule the biopsy between my dental appointment and my HAL cruise. Finally I was on the road to Disney!

    Chris, Amanda & Ari got on the road about 20-30 minutes before me, and waited for me in the breezeway at Beach Club Villas. By 11:30 I had the email letting me know my villa was ready. I let SB know, as hed just gotten on the road by then. At BCV I brought my stuff inside to meet the others, and then went up to the villa while Chris went to get their stuff from their car.

    SB called and was lost he missed the exit for highway 429 and ended up on I-4 but going in the direction of Orlando instead of Disney! He told us to go ahead into the park and hed meet up with us later. We walked over to Epcot, and it was not bad in the shade but brutal in the sun. Thankfully, the kiosks were not busy so we didnt have any lines to deal with.

    In Canada Amanda & I each got the cheese soup with pretzel roll, and Chris got a beer from somewhere nearby. The soup was really thick, but good. The best part is the pretzel roll! Pairing the pretzel roll with the Guinness (soup) dip in Ireland would be perfect! Ari enjoyed it too, even dipped in the soup.

    We walked into Future World, and Chris picked up another beer from somewhere and the piggy wings from the Flavors from Fire stand. Amanda & I went inside to the air conditioning with Ari to wait for Chris. Once again he loved the food, and Ari gobbled up some of the meat as well. From there we went to Nemo, since we were inside our fastpass window. Thats always a cute ride, but not something I bother with unless Im with Amanda & Ari.

    When we got off the ride I noticed I had no cell phone service, so I left the others looking at the fish to step outside to see if SB had called. I reached him and he was just pulling into the parking lot at Beach Club. We agreed to meet at the Rose & Crown Pub. I found Chris & Amanda and they were fine with skipping our Living with the Land fastpasses, since we can do that without a wait on Sunday morning.

    We walked over to the United Kingdom to meet with SB, assuming we were the first to arrive. We waited inside, and Chris got a beer from the bar. We were waiting a while, and then I texted SB to let him know we were by the piano. Hed been sitting out in the garden drinking beer all this time, and came inside when he saw the text.

    We continued walking, stopping in Belgium. The Hollands got the beef and the chocolate waffle perhaps another small beer for Chris. SB got the beef and the berry waffle. Ari enjoyed a bit of everything beef, carrots, blueberries, and waffle pieces. SB really liked the berry waffle, and I had a few bites too.

    Our next stop was Hops & Barley in America, where Chris & SB each got a beer flight and SB had the brisket. We had a picnic table in the shade, but it was still hot. We sat there a while, and continued walking. While there SB said he wouldnt mind if we skipped our Soarin fastpasses, and as hot as it was I agreed. Chris & Amanda still wanted to do their Test Track fastpasses so we walked in that direction. Chris stopped to get something across from the Odyssey (paella in Spain maybe) so SB & I took Ari and waited for them in the DVC member lounge.

    It was pretty busy up there busier than I like. But, we needed the air conditioning and a place to sit for a bit. Ari played with an empty cup/lid and made several new friends. When the snack cart came around he had some Cheeze Its. There was a 5-yr old girl rolling an ottoman cushion and Ari immediately followed her so he could do the same. She got him a smaller one to play with. When we were ready to leave, she gave him a hug, and then he kept hugging her. Amanda says he likes little girls, but I think in this case he was also trying to play her a bit he wanted her to help him get into the chair at a computer, since Grandma didnt let him do that, lol!

    We met Chris & Amanda downstairs and walked back out to World Showcase, deciding to call it quits for now. The heat is just too difficult to deal with. Theyd finally gotten the text with their room number, and theyre in the studio that connects with our 1-bedroom villa. This makes it really convenient, especially for breakfast. I stopped in Beach Club Marketplace, where I bought a half gallon of milk and a chocolate chip cookie for SB before meeting him up in the villa. The Hollands ordered a flatbread for dinner from the Marketplace.

    We opened the connecting door, and they moved their stuff over to their side. SB was pretty wiped out, so he pulled out the sleep sofa in the living room so he could watch tv in his favorite position. Soon his legs started cramping, so he got up to walk around a bit, and drank some Gatorade (and took more ibuprofen). Hopefully hell be ok by morning from the looks of things hell be asleep soon. Ari also needs sleep hes just tired & cranky, having only had a partial nap this morning. A good nights sleep will do him wonders as well.

    Just before 7 Chris, Amanda, Ari & I headed back to Epcot. SB didnt need to do any more walking today. Ari really needed some sleep, but refused to nap while we were at the resort. We let him walk for a while, then really annoyed him by putting him in the stroller he screamed. Eventually Amanda carried him for a while, and I carried him, but when he decided he wanted to get down it was back in the stroller for him it was too crowded and getting dark. We decided to go to the Chocolate Studio so Amanda could get the chocolate raspberry torte and then take the angry Ari back to the resort. But, Ari fell asleep while she was ordering her torte.

    She enjoyed it, but said it was very rich and tasted somewhat different from last year. I held off, figuring Id get one later but then never went back. We continued walking around World Showcase, and it was especially busy at the front section. People were already lining the lake, waiting for Illuminations at 9. Chris got the crispy chicken on cornbread from the Farm Fresh stand. It wasnt as generous a portion as the old griddled chicken was, but he said the cornbread was really good (sweet).

    After we started walking again, as we approached Italy they decided theyd better wake Ari up, or hed be awake all night. He was not happy to be woken up, and wanted to fall back asleep in Amandas arms so she passed him to Chris. Chris put Ari up on his shoulders, and as we entered America the 8pm concert was getting ready to start. The group is 38 Special, who Ive never heard of. We stood in the back of the theater and Ari was enthralled with the lights on the stage, and he really enjoyed the music too. He was clapping and rocking back & forth, and tapping on Chris head. We stayed for a couple songs, then continued walking. After we passed, Ari was looking back to still see the concert, lol!

    Our last stop was in France, where Chris & I shared the warm goat cheese pudding and the crme brulee. Amanda walked around the garden area with Ari. The warm goat cheese pudding was delicious we were both impressed, and Chris in particular had very low expectations for it but said it was outstanding. Id definitely order it again. The crme brulee was good, and hed order it again but I probably would not there are too many other dessert choices I like better.

    We left the park and since Ari was in decent spirits we walked around the boardwalk before returning past the Swan & Dolphin and Yacht Club. Amanda noticed the movie on the lawn (used to be the movie on the beach before they stopped that) was Moana, which is Aris favorite movie. We rolled the stroller up on the grass and watched briefly Ari was all smiles and sort of dancing while sitting in the stroller.

    We were back inside by 9, and SB was sound asleep in the living room he didnt even stir when the door slammed shut loudly. The Hollands gave Ari his bath and got him settled into the Mickey Halloween pajamas Id gotten him last weekend. He looked so cute, and was so happy again after his bath and new pajamas! I went over there to see him, since SB was asleep. By shortly after 9:30 I was back in the villa getting settled for the night. There was no point in waking SB, so I pulled the drapes shut and moved the coffee maker into my half of the master bathroom. That way I can make my cappuccino early without disturbing him.

    Today was a nice start to the trip, and its great having everyone together. The heat is brutal when the sun is shining, and even tonight with no sun out it was still very humid. We cant wait for cooler weather! The Food & Wine food has been terrific too bad the weather cant be terrific as well.

    Tomorrow we have morning fastpasses at the Studios, and Amanda would like to get Aris picture with Buzz and Woody. I dont know how long well last, but well play it by ear. We should at least get Toy Story and the character photos in before were ready to give up and return to the resort until nightfall, lol!

    DAY 2 Friday 9/29/17
    Who: Sue (58), DVC Member
    SB (60), my husband
    Chris (31), son
    Amanda (28), daughter-in-law
    Ari (14 months), grandson (10th WDW trip)

    Plan: Studios, Pool, Epcot

    Actual: I slept pretty well, although it felt a bit humid in the villa. I got up with the alarm at 5am, so I had time to relax online with my cappuccino before the day started. SB was up before 6:30, and hed also slept well. I took my shower around 6:45 and got dressed I could hear the Hollands next door and wanted to be ready to get breakfast & get us out the door on time. SB decided he needed to go to Bank of America, and assured me he didnt need my phone for the maps feature. Shortly after leaving he was back, saying the guy at the security booth said directions were too complicated, lol! Now SB has never used a GPS or maps or a smartphone, so this should be interesting. I gave him my work phone, programmed in the address, and wrote down the code to unlock the phone. If I dont get a call from him Ill be pleasantly surprised!

    The Hollands came over and we made breakfast eggs, bacon, toast & Chris got some Mickey waffles from the Beach Club Marketplace. When SB returned I made his breakfast eggs, sausage & toast. He also picked up a side of the potato casserole from Beach Club Marketplace.

    At 8 I tried one last time for the concierge reservation, and once again was shut out. This time the 29th, 30th and 31st all disappeared. This is so disappointing, but I knew it was going to happen eventually. Amanda washed up the breakfast dishes, and I tried to reach SB to see if hed found the bank, but got no answer. Chances are he doesnt have the phones ringer turned on. This is so aggravating! Were due to leave for the Studios soon, and hes not had breakfast or showered or anything plus hes missing.

    Happily, he showed up just as Chris & Amanda were getting ready to walk over to the Studios. He was carrying a plate of the potato casserole and had a pocket full of pepper packets (my request for the eggs). They decided to still go ahead of us, so while SB brushed his teeth and changed his clothes, I heated up his sausage and cooked his ham & eggs. He ate his breakfast as we walked over to the Yacht Club dock to catch the boat.

    The boat arrived just after we did, and Amanda texted around 9 minutes before 9 to say theyd just be let into the park. We got there just after 9 and went to catch up with them at the Toy Story character greet thing but theyd already finished and were walking around. Theyd changed Ari into his Woody onesie, and he looked so cute. We had about 5 more minutes until we could get into Star Tours for our 9:15 fastpass, so we let him run around until then. He really prefers being on his own 2 legs now, so in places where he cant wander off too far its a good way to let him burn some energy.

    Toy Story was fun, and I once again beat SB with nearly double his score. Chris was the winner in the car, with over 200,000 points. We were going to do One Mans Dream next, mainly to see the Toy Story Land model, but it didnt open until 10. To kill the time in air conditioning we went to the Star Tours Launch Bay. They changed Ari into his shorts and a Star Wars t-shirt for this. We did a character greet with the new villain, and both Ari & SB thought he was really scary. SB just did a better job hiding his fear, lol! That only took about 5 minutes, so we wandered the exhibits and then tried to watch the movie. However, it was a documentary with interviews with the writers and producers of some movie that Ive never seen and have no desire to see, so when Ari also decided it was too boring to sit through I immediately volunteered to take him out. Chris & Amanda like this stuff, so they got to stay. SB went with me, as he hasnt seen any of it either.

    SB sat on a bench at the exit (inside air conditioning) while I followed around as Ari explored. The movie is only 10 minutes long, so soon Chris & Amanda were back. By now it was just after 10 so we returned to One Mans Dream and got to see the model. They also have character greets from Guardians of the Galaxy (another movie of no interest to me). The line was moving slowly, so SB & I went outside to find him popcorn & a soda. We took it to a semi-shaded bench next to the Brown Derby, and the Hollands met up with us there.

    We were now in our fastpass window for Star Tours, but I knew SB didnt feel up to walking over to the other side of the park, and hes not a big fan of that attraction. The Hollands love it, though. I offered to take Ari back to the resort with us, but they decided to keep him and have lunch in the park after Star Tours. SB & I headed to the exit, where the boat came a short time later.

    While on the boat Amanda texted a picture of Chris at the new Tap Room place opening today near Muppets. They had about 5 minutes to wait, then went in for lunch. She later texted a picture of Chris holding a big glass of beer! We got off the boat at Yacht Club and went up to the villa. Its gotten really overcast, so Im not sure its going to be very worthwhile at the pool. It doesnt look like itll be a pool day at all after today, though. Theres a tropical system bringing 3 days of raining starting later tonight.

    I quickly updated the trip report, then changed into a swimsuit and went down to the quiet pool. SB was planning to join me later. While down there I checked the weather and saw the rain was due to begin at possibly 2pm and not take a break until Sunday morning. Yuck! It was already completely overcast, yet the feels like temp was still 96 degrees. I called SB and suggested we do Food & Wine for lunch, rather than waiting for the rain later. He agreed, so I went back upstairs & got changed.

    We walked into Epcot via International Gateway (the ONLY way to enter, in my opinion at least until the damn gondola system ruins that). He was interested in the paella and piggy wings, so we turned right towards France. We didnt stop until we got to Spain, which is located between Italy & Germany here. We got his paella and I tried the white wine both were excellent. I ate some of the yellow rice and sausage, but he ate the rest. The wine was $5 and not much more than half a small plastic wine glass, but I expected that going in, lol!

    We found a picnic table along the lake in Germany, and ate there. Once we finished we resumed walking, and it was absolutely miserable. I thought the heat & humidity was unbearable sweat dripping everywhere. He fared better with the heat, but his leg was starting to bother him. He skipped the piggy wings, saying it was too far away to be worth it to him right now. I was also going to get some, and he was happy to wait for me, but I decided to just get the pork slider at Hawaii and avoid the longer walk in the heat.

    The slider was good the bun they use really makes it. I ate most of the slider, and let him finish it. I was not leaving without my chocolate torte this time, so he waited on a bench for me. I got the torte with no wait, and coming back found him on a different bench, eating the banana soft serve sundae. That looked really good, so I tried it and it was delicious!!! They really nailed the banana flavor, and the berries and granola enhanced it nicely. We walked back to the resort, and were thrilled to feel the air conditioning once we entered the building!

    On the way to our villa we ran into Chris coming down the hall. Hes filling up their car with gas, so they dont have to do it later. Amanda and Ari were in their room, but had the connecting door closed so we texted to let her know we were back. SB laid down to watch ESPN and I tried the chocolate torte yummy! I then updated the report, then went out to the living room to wait for General Hospital to start at 2.

    Chris & Ari came over to let Amanda lay down for a while. Ari is a bundle of energy SB was shocked by it, lol! I guess he thought babies sit quietly and coo all day? After General Hospital I saw I had a missed call from the radiology place, and had to go out on the balcony to get a decent signal. It was raining steadily by now. I was able to schedule my biopsy for the next trip down, but its exactly 1 hour after my dental appointment which is 30 minutes away. They only do these biopsies at this time, so I took the appointment and left a voice mail at the dental place to try to move that appointment up a bit.

    SB was in for the night, but the rest of us were willing to go back to Epcot. They want to get Ari back and in the bath by 7:30, to get him back on his normal schedule. Its exceedingly humid outside you can cut the air with a knife! Chris brought in a big umbrella from the car, so that should help us.

    The Hollands and I left for Epcot around 3:45, hoping for the best. As soon as we got outside we realized it was raining lightly. Amanda noticed Aris feet were just in socks, so Chris ran back to the room to get Aris shoes. We used the big golf umbrella Chris had brought and continued to Epcot to wait for him in the store at International Gateway.

    There wasnt any wait, so we got in quickly and fairly easily (with the big umbrella to deal with). We waited in the shop and soon Chris arrived. They had one of the Epcot 35th anniversary magic bands on display in the case, and Amanda had taken a picture of it & then told Chris when he arrived. He went to the case to see it, but it was gone the cast member said hed just sold it. He suggested Chris check Mouse Gear.

    We walked up the hill and went to the left, passing the countries to get into Future World. We checked Mouse Gear first, and didnt see any sign of the magic bands. A helpful cast member looked with us, and saw the photo on Amandas phone but when he made a phone call he confirmed that nobody was supposed to be displaying or selling it before October 1st. He told us the locations that would have them that day and advised Chris to get there right when the park opens because otherwise theyll be gone.

    We walked over to the Flavors of Fire stand, and Ari was asleep in the stroller. Amanda took him inside and found us a table, while Chris & I ordered food. I got the piggy wings, and he got the same plus the corned beef dish. We found Amanda inside, and I went searching for napkins. It was impossible to hold my food and the giant umbrella and take any napkins while outside.

    Chris loves these wings, and loved the corned beef too. I thought the wings (pork ribs) were good, but not something Id bother getting again. After eating we decided to head out to the countries for Amanda to get something to eat. The rain had almost stopped (briefly), so we were optimistic. She got a pork slider in Hawaii, and Chris went next door for the banana soft serve sundae. He ate that while we walked. It started raining more and as we got almost to Italy we realized nobody was really wanting to get anything to eat out here. The rain got heavier and we decided to take the friendship boat up to the front of the countries.

    The queue was under cover but once we got on the boat we realized we really didnt want to risk getting caught in a downpour all the way over in the Land (where we were headed). We eventually decided it would have been faster to just continue walking, since wed exit at International Gateway, and wed already been sitting on the boat for a while (we could have been out of the park by now). We discussed getting off, but the boat was finally ready to leave.

    As we disembarked it was only raining lightly. They needed to find food for Ari (he wasnt crazy about the pizza at Beach Club Marketplace last night), and Id been unsuccessful using the app to find something for SB at the resort. He claims the sandwiches at Beach Club Marketplace are overpriced and too skimpy on the meat, which is because he has no realistic perception of what a portion size is supposed to be! Hed asked for the rotisserie chicken from Seasons in the Land, and the more I thought about it the better that option sounded especially with it only raining lightly.

    Chris & Amanda woke Ari up when the boat docked, and we walked into Future World. They decided to try Electric Umbrella and would be eating there, so we parted ways. I went to the Land and was able to get SB the half rotisserie chicken dinner with yellow rice and green beans as the 2 sides. It looked really good, and I was thrilled they had a lid to make it a to go meal. I also picked up 2 delicious oatmeal raisin cookies (one for each of us), and then at the register got a large plastic bag to carry it in.

    I texted Chris to let them know I was headed back, and began the walk (in the rain). As I approached International Gateway it started raining more heavily, so I ducked through the store there and stood under cover by the lockers as it just poured and poured for a while. When it let up I got as far as the covered area in front of the ticket booths, where I waited again through heavy downpours. Eventually it let up a little bit and I slogged my way back to the resort happy Id been smart enough to wear flip flops instead of ruining a pair of sneakers.

    SB was thrilled to see his dinner, and didnt even bother to heat it up. I tried a couple bites of the chicken breast, and it was delicious! This is a really good meal for him. I poured some wine and got to work updating the report. The Hollands came back a while later, with a happy Ari. We were talking in their room for a bit, then they came over and joined me at the kitchen table (SB was watching a movie on the sleep sofa next to us).

    The Chip and Co website had used some of Chris photos at the Tap Room place in the Studios today, so he was enjoying his fame. He also was able to buy the Epcot 35 magic band at International Gateway, and there were some people who heard him asking about it earlier who followed us to Mouse Gear and then somehow followed him back to the gateway store & bought 2 of them after him, lol!

    Chris went off somewhere for some reason (to meet some people at our dock) and came back saying it was miserable & drizzly out there. Its supposed to be like that pretty much all weekend. Amanda & I hung out with Ari at the table, while she ate part of a cupcake shed bought. Ari really liked the piece of oatmeal raisin cookie I gave him the Disney ones are the best! SB devoured his, saying it was the best ever. I also gave him a quarter of my chocolate torte, along with a glass of milk.

    Amanda took Ari home for his bath, and they all came back over after he was in his pajamas. We let him play in my big tub for a while. Chris went to do laundry, and at 8:30 Amanda took Ari back to their room to go to bed at his normal time. SB was still watching his movie in the living room, so I took my computer into the bedroom and watched HGTV while finishing up the report and doing stuff online.

    Today was a great day, except for the weather. Its disappointing to not have any pool time, and this rain just sucks! Its hard managing Food & Wine when you need one hand for an umbrella. Ponchos are just not our thing not any of us. Thank goodness we have another trip next month, when the weather should be nicer.

    Tomorrow we have a character breakfast at Chef Mickeys, and then from there if the weather isnt awful we may try to do Small World in the Magic Kingdom. SB will be heading home tomorrow, but hes not sure what time. Itll probably be pretty early, so he can lay in bed watching college football all day <g>. The rest of us have fastpasses at Animal Kingdom later in the day, so hopefully well catch a break from the worst of the rain!

    DAY 3 Saturday 9/30/17
    Who: Sue (58), DVC Member
    SB (60), my husband
    Chris (31), son
    Amanda (28), daughter-in-law
    Ari (14 months), grandson (10th WDW trip)

    Plan: Chef Mickey, Magic Kingdom, Pool, Animal Kingdom

    Actual: Once again we both slept well, and I got up with the alarm at 4:20. Yes, I know thats early but I like having time to relax online with my cappuccino before the day gets going. SB was up early too, but he fell back asleep and didnt even stir when I got up to take my shower or when I was blow drying my hair. I threw our laundry in the washing machine, since we have a stack washer & dryer in the villa. At 6:45 I woke him up and he took his shower.

    Everyone was ready to go by 7, so we headed down to the car. This time Amanda realized we didnt have the big umbrella, and since it was raining lightly & we planned to go to the Magic Kingdom after breakfast, she went back up to the room to get it. Since she was going up, SB asked her to grab his backpack from our bedroom. Hed brought his other stuff down to his car, but his keys were in the backpack in the bedroom. Are we a clueless bunch,or what?? Amanda made it back quickly and we drove over to the Contemporary.

    Chris dropped us off under cover and went to park the car. We were about 4 minutes before our reservation time, so the rest of us went upstairs to check in at the podium. Chris met us later in the holding area, where we sat with the beeper. We had a couple photos taken with the Mickey statue while waiting.

    Soon we were taken to the back room and seated at a table for 6. It was actually a good spot, as it was right by the entrance so we saw each character come in (Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Pluto). The food was mostly good, although some items some of us werent crazy about. At $40/person its grossly overpriced in my opinion, and not something well be doing much. I realize youre paying for the character experience, but even with that its still too high for what you get. SB had a bit of sticker shock also, but we only did it for our grandson.

    Ari ate quite a bit, and he was excited to see each of the characters. When theyd walk towards him hed get scared at first, but warmed up to them enough to touch some of them. I think he gave a high 5 to Minnie, and touched Plutos nose or whiskers. It was fun and everyone left with full bellies.

    We settled the checks and retrieved the stroller, and Amanda noticed the big umbrella wasnt there. Chris realized hed set it on top of the car when unloading the stroller, and forgot to grab it. He ran out to the car while the rest of us rode up to the monorail platform. Unfortunately, the umbrella was gone, but Chris filed a claim with lost & found (it had not been turned in while we were at breakfast so given the weather some other guest hit the jackpot with a nice Disney Golf golf umbrella.

    Chris was on the monorail following ours, so we waited for him on a bench outside the Magic Kingdom. SB was walking like he was in pain, so I suggested we could skip the park and take the bus back to the resort. He decided he might as well head home so hed get there before the Gator football game, so I stayed with the Hollands and SB headed for the bus stop.

    We wandered down Main Street and thru the castle, after stopping for Chris to talk with some people from the internet. I think he brought them one of the Epcot 35th anniversary magic bands that werent supposed to be sold until tomorrow <g>. We went to Small World first, and got the front row of a boat. Ari enjoys this ride, and towards the end we let him stand up at the front rail for a bit (its too high for him to climb, plus we could all grab him if he tried). At the exit they had my name and Amandas, but not Chris.

    We tried Haunted Mansion next, but although the wait was posted as 13 minutes when we got partway down the queue we could see it looked much longer than that so we left. Voyage of the Little Mermaid was a walk-on so we did that instead. Afterwards Ari fell asleep in the stroller, which was not a good thing. They wanted him to get a real nap, preferably in the room.

    We left the park and walked back to the Contemporary, where Amanda had to wake Ari up get him into the car seat. He wasnt happy and was at risk of falling back asleep, so Chris played the Moana movie on his phone to keep Ari entertained (and awake) for the drive. Back at the resort we decided to walk over to Yacht Club to see their new counter service place in their Marketplace. It looked nice, and some slightly different stuff than whats in ours, but not enough of a difference to make the extra walk in my opinion. They got a panini and broke pieces off for Ari to eat on the walk back.

    They went to their side and tried to get Ari to nap, and I went out to fill the car with gas to get that out of the way. On the way back up I grabbed a couple umbrellas from my car in case we need them later. Surprisingly, it hasnt really rained since we had breakfast, and the sun is even out right now.

    I took the time to download the photos Id taken thus far, and deleted the ones not worth keeping. Around 2 I walked over to Epcot, since it wasnt raining. At first the crowds didnt seem too bad you could actually get something from one side of Canada without a line (lots of people on the other side). I went to the Festival Center and priced the card that gives you 8 booth offerings and a free pin I have no interest in. This year its $69.23 so that works out to $8.66 per item. Its not good for flights or the expensive champagne. I decided to think about it, figuring it was not going to be any value to us.

    I did get my Ghiradelli square and ate that inside since it would melt and get messy outside. With the sun shining, it was pretty hot out there! I crossed over to the Cheese Studio to get a better look at the boursin cheese casserole thing, but I wasnt hungry to get it now. I will probably try it at some point tomorrow. I walked out to the countries and made the loop starting on the Mexico side. It got really crowded as I walked, with many booths having lines that extended well beyond the roped-off queue. At China the line was almost back to Norway! The people waiting looked pretty hot & miserable baking in the hot sun, but its there choice to come at such a bad time (and day of the week). Those that are locals just leave me shaking my head and wondering why.

    I would have liked to get the chocolate baklava to bring back to the villa, but even Morrocco had a long line, lol! It was also out in the sun, so I kept walking. When I got to International Gateway I headed out of the park and back to the resort. It was just after 3 now, so I laid down in the cool bedroom and turned on HGTV while doing stuff online. Amanda texted and said Ari was still sleeping since noon! His nose is running again, so he may not be feeling well. I dont think we tired him out that much!

    Ari was up before 3:30 and they gave him a snack before we headed over to Animal Kingdom just after 4. We had a bit of a wait for the bus, and saw 3 Disney Springs buses during the wait! Finally we were on our way. They only had the bag checks open on one side, so we had a short wait there but it wasnt too bad.

    We checked the menu at Flame Tree Barbecue and ended up eating dinner later. First we decided to do the character greet fastpass since we were inside that window. I had no idea where it was located, so I asked a cast member walking by and it just so happened she was on her way to work there (right around the corner from where we were standing). That was convenient! We had just a couple minutes wait and were soon seeing Mickey and Minnie together in their safari outfits.

    Ari was excited to see them and wanted to get down, so once the people ahead of us were finished I set him down to see if hed walk over to them. He did, but not all the way, lol once they leaned towards him he came back. Amanda picked him up and took him over to Mickey and Minnie and he did ok. It was nice having Mickey and Minnie in the same picture for a change!

    Next we walked over to Asia, thinking if the lines werent long Chris would do Kali River Rapids and Amanda would do single rider on Everest. Neither worked out, as even the single rider line was 30 minutes! We continued back over to Flame Tree Barbecue to have dinner instead. While Chris & Amanda got the food, Ari & I went down to the bottom section on the water and got a table. We had a great spot shady, under a ceiling fan, and with a high chair!

    Ari was entertained watching some of the large white birds (herons or egrets) roaming around looking for food. Chris & Amanda were back pretty quickly with the food, and it was all good. I had the watermelon salad, which was excellent like the one at Flower & Garden Festival but a whole meal! Chris had the smoked turkey sandwich, Ari had a hot dog kids meal (and ate the entire hot dog, along with a bunch of my watermelon and then a small yogurt shake), and Amanda had French fries topped with bbq pulled chicken and cheese. They made a hidden mickey with a dab of barbecue sauce on top, lol.

    Satisfied with our dinner, we cleaned up our stuff and walked over to Harambe for our safari. The standby queue was pretty full, and even fastpass was busy (but moving a lot faster than standby). When we got to the loading area we saw they were only using one of the platforms, which seemed silly when the park still had several hours to go before it closed.

    We had a really good safari, and the cats were all very visible 2 cheetahs, 2 female lions and the male lion. They were all awake and alert, in most cases moving around. The elephants were mostly gone we saw only one in the distance. I posted one of the lion pictures on facebook. After the safari Chris got a coffee from Starbucks, then we walked over to Pandora to use our Flight of Avatar fastpasses.

    We decided that he & I would ride first, while Amanda changed Aris diaper, then with baby swap shed get to ride with Chris while I stayed with Ari. None of that ended up happening. Chris & I entered the fastpass queue and were shocked to see it was backed up pretty far outside of the building! I didnt remember the inside portion being very long, but he thought it was. In any event, the standby queue changed from 175 minutes to 205 minutes while we were in line and it was hardly moving. We were moving very slowly.

    Chris checked his phone and showed me a nasty storm that was headed our way and would be there within an hour. I couldnt believe it no rain was forecast when we left the resort, and the sky was a beautiful blue on our safari! He texted Amanda to tell her, and she also said no way, lol! I suggested once we got off, I could take my bag and carry Ari back to the bus & go to the resort while they rode & then retrieved the stroller. But, the line was moving so slowly it became obvious that wasnt going to happen they wanted to get Ari into the bath and then bed at his normal time, and we were spending far too time in this damn line! Plus, now we had the rain issue.

    We flagged down a passing cast member and learned the attraction hadnt been operating early this morning, so all the people with fastpasses during the period it was down were able to use them any time the rest of the day creating this backlog. We also later learned that one of the rooms was still down, so they werent even operating at 100%. We asked if we could get our fastpasses extended if we left now, but they said that wasnt possible. We ended up leaving anyway getting caught in a nasty storm was not on the agenda, and Amanda had all of our stuff with her so she couldnt manage it all to go back to the resort without us.

    We told a cast member we needed to leave, and they took us backstage to an exit. We still had the baby swap fastpass, which was good for 3 people but it expired today. We met Amanda outside and as we were leaving Pandora I stopped at a man with 2 kids old enough to ride and asked them if theyd ridden Flight of Avatar. He said they werent able to (too long of a wait) so I gave him the fastpass to use tonight. He was thrilled unfortunately, the wait wont be as fast as it should be, but itll be much better than 205 minutes!

    At that point we walked to the exit I had to keep slowing to let them catch up. I was determined I wasnt going to have soaking wet sneakers! It started to rain a little, which got them moving faster. People had already been putting on their ponchos all around us. As we left the park it rained a little bit harder, but not terrible just yet. Chris saw our bus was at the bus stop, so we RAN in order to not miss it. While on the bus the skies opened up and it poured buckets of rain all the way home.

    We didnt realize the bus stop roof at Beach Club ends a few feet away from the curb, so it was a challenge getting off since the poncho clad people waiting to get on the bus were in the way. Once we got past them we managed to stay under cover all the way back to the villa. Amanda gave Ari his bath, and then got him down and asleep by 9. I had a small cup of cappuccino and finished the chocolate raspberry torte. The rain was letting up, and should be ending later, so Chris & Amanda walked over to Epcot to walk around World Showcase and see Illuminations at 10. With the connecting doors open, I could be comfortable in my villa and still check on Ari and hear him if he woke up.

    I uploaded more photos and captioned the ones in the album, and hung out in the living room until they returned. Ari slept soundly, although he looked a bit odd because he chose to lay on his stomach across the width (rather than the length) of the pack & play, so his knees were bent and his feet were sticking up in the air, lol!

    Today was another really nice day, except for that storm and the Flight of Avatar fiasco. We enjoyed Chef Mickeys, although it is not worth what it costs. Its been fun hanging out with Ari & his parents, and SB really enjoyed his time with everyone too. Tomorrow is my last full day, and the Hollands will be heading home after our morning in Epcot. It supposed to be another rainy day, but maybe well get lucky like we did today, and have a mostly dry day.

    DAY 4 Sunday 10/01/17
    Who: Sue (58), DVC Member
    Chris (31), son
    Amanda (28), daughter-in-law
    Ari (14 months), grandson (10th WDW trip)

    Plan: Epcot, Pool, Epcot

    Actual: I slept well again, and decided to sleep in a bit this morning by setting the alarm for 4:40 instead of yesterdays 4:20 <g>. I did my usual cappuccino and online relaxing, then took my shower just before 7. The current weather forecast looks horrible, with thunderstorms this morning and steady rain all afternoon. If it remains true, it should stop raining early this evening, which would give me a chance to hit Food & Wine for dinner. Well see how it goes in terms of lunch (90% thunderstorms predicted).

    The Hollands were over around 7:30 and we made breakfast. There are almost a dozen eggs left over, and half a loaf of bread, so Ill take those home with me when I leave tomorrow. Ari wasnt eating much, but he did want to play in Grandmas big bathtub. His nose was running again today, so hes got some sort of cold going on.

    They moved all their stuff over to my villa, and we headed out for Epcot around 8:30 or so. It wasnt raining, but we brought 3 umbrellas just in case. We got through International Gateway quickly, and waited inside the air-conditioned shop. Chris heard from a friend who lives locally who said the wait to get into the parking lot was 45 minutes! Around 10 before 9 we noticed theyd let people into the park so we headed up the hill and walked over to Future World.

    Our first stop was the shop at Imagination, but the Figment pop they were selling today wasnt of interest to any of us. Someone coming out had told Chris thats all they were selling in there, and the rest of the stuff was in the pop up store by Innoventions, and I think also in Mouse Gear. Both of those places had crazy ridiculous lines worse than opening day of Pandoras shop! Thankfully Chris didnt have 4 hours to spend in line to buy something, so we passed. The line extended all the way back almost to the entry magic band tapping stations and it was a thick line (not single file)! This was at 5-10 minutes after the park opened at 9am!

    We used our fastpass at Spaceship Earth, where pretty much nobody was in line, lol! We could have walked right on, but there was no reason not to use the fastpass. Once again, for the picture I held Ari up in front of me so the camera captured his face for the ending video. He enjoyed looking at all the scenes, and at the end we let him pick the answers to the questions. When we got off the attraction it was raining outside, and fairly heavily at times. Many people in line had the sense to bring ponchos or umbrellas, but not all. The area in front of the fountain was gridlocked with a massive crowd of people who went straight there upon entering the park, waiting for the 10:01 ceremony for the 35th anniversary of Epcot. You couldnt pay me to be part of that mess theres not enough money in this world, lol!

    Wed had the sense to leave the stroller in an area that was not getting rained on, and while we got Ari situated Chris decided to go talk to his friends who were still way back near the park entrance, in line for the shop in Innoventions. Amanda & I told him to meet us at the Festival Center when he was done. With a couple umbrellas, we trudged over there in the pouring rain. By the time we got there, the snack tray on Aris stroller had a pool of water in it, and he was fairly wet too. We grabbed some napkins to dry him & the stroller off somewhat.

    Since today is a new month we picked up our passholder Food & Wine Festival pins for October. She wasnt able to get Chris since he wasnt there, but they gave her one for Ari and the other guy slipped her an extra one as we left <g>. We went to the chocolate area for our Ghiradelli sample and to look at the chocolate displays while it wasnt crowded. Chris showed up when we came back out, and we sat for a few minutes at the Intermissions Caf. I got a glass of the prosecco, which tasted just like the prosecco I used to get here for $3.25 or $3.50 but now costs $7.20. Thanks, Disney.

    We could see the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, so we went back outside to walk towards the fountain. The huge mob was still there, and it looked like the ceremony was a little delayed probably due to the rain. We wouldnt have been able to pass through there at all, and couldnt have cut through Mouse Gear since the line to get inside there was huge and snaked around. But, that wasnt a problem because our next fastpass was at the Character Spot, and from there I wanted to head to the Cheese Studio.

    We had about 5-10 minutes to wait for our fastpass, and when we got inside it was a little backed up. Ari was starting to get a little bit tired, and with his cold was a bit cranky, so the delay was not a good thing. It got to the point where Chris was ready to leave with him, but we managed to calm/quiet him down again until it was our turn. He wouldnt go to Mickey on his own, but he was fine with all the characters with Amanda holding him. He smiled in all the pictures, gave high fives to Minnie, and seemed to really enjoy them all.

    When we came outside Chris said they were going to get on the road, even though we had Frozen fastpasses at noon. It made sense though, as Ari would normally nap just before then, and keeping him awake until after Frozen would be very hard and likely create a monster child for several hours. But, we realized we didnt think about how theyd get their stuff out of my room. I have extra magic bands, but theyre all in the bedroom on the dresser! The connecting doors were shut & locked, so even if their bands got them into their studio, they couldnt get their stuff. So, I had to leave the park with them.

    I went up ahead while Amanda was in the restroom and got the savory caramelized onion & boursin garlic and fine herbs cheese tart with arugula salad and aged balsamic from the Cheese Studio. I was surprised it wasnt warm, but that was ok because I didnt feel bad about stashing it in the fridge. I ate part of it as we walked, and it was good but mostly crust. Its a good thing I like crust, lol. They arrived just after I got the tart, and we walked back to Beach Club Villas together. I put the rest of the tart in the fridge for later, and we said our goodbyes. I was thinking wed see each other next month when they come in at the end of our main Food & Wine trip, but theyll be at our place next weekend for a Gator football game (Ari will stay with us).

    I walked back over to Epcot, picking up another Epcot 35th pin/button, and walked into the countries starting with France. It was still sunny and pretty warm, and I soon realized Id finish the loop and be standing around killing time waiting for Frozen. It wasnt worth it to me, so I picked up a chocolate baklava from Morocco and returned to the resort. After putting the baklava in the fridge, I changed into a swimsuit and went down to the quiet pool.

    Hardly anyone was down there, so it was nice and quiet! I stayed out there for about 1.5 hours, but the last half was mostly cloudy rather than sunny. I rinsed off under the shower a couple times to cool off. At one point I felt a pain on my back, and discovered Id been stung by a bee! I won the war though, as he or she was killed by a human! It hurt for a little bit, but Im not allergic so its just annoying.

    Around 1:30 I came back inside and packed up some things I wouldnt need in the morning (including the extra umbrellas) and after getting changed I took it out to the car. I went to Beach Club Marketplace to get the kids cheese pizza meal for lunch. Its not anything fancy or sophisticated, but I really like it. It came with a small bottle of water and I got 2 packs of grapes as the 2 sides. SB will eat those at home. I can have the rest of the boursin cheese tart for dinner later, or even first thing in the morning before driving home.

    I updated the report and got the last of the photos off the camera and uploaded to Shutterfly. The link to the album is

    It was supposed to be raining by mid-afternoon, but the timeframe kept getting delayed. Theyre doing a special Illuminations tonight for the 35th anniversary and since Im right next door I was planning to walk over to see it, but now its looking more likely it could be raining then. Usually Sunday evening is a good time for Food & Wine Festival, but I expect today will be the exception due to the anniversary celebration.

    Around 4 Id made a fastpass reservation for Soarin at 5:15 and decided to walk over to Epcot for a while. I was shocked to find Epcot not overly crowded at all! It may have been a little busier than a normal Sunday night, but it was still what Id consider to be low crowd level. The only country with a line at the Food & Wine booth was China, and many of them had absolutely no wait at all. This is how I like it!

    To top things off, the weather was perfect nice breeze, not too warm (low 80s) and not too sunny. The forecasted rain kept getting pushed back each time I checked. I made a loop through the countries, then headed into Future World. Mouse Gear seemed to be back to normal, and I didnt see any special merchandise in there.

    I had about 20 minutes until my fastpass window so I walked over towards the pop up shop area in Innoventions, and the line was now not even back to Spaceship Earth. I got in line just for the heck of it, thinking it would be a short wait and Id get to see what they had. I sent a text to Chris telling him about the shorter line now. He texted or called right back, wanting me to get him something if I went in. I wasnt sure I wanted to devote the time, since Id heard a cast member said it was about another 30 minutes from the time you get in the door. But, the line was actually moving pretty well, so after a while I texted Chris a picture of the merchandise poster so he could tell me what he wanted.

    After much waiting indoors, I was finally at the shop in the area where they used to give away the wine glasses a few years ago. Chris wanted the passholder shirt and the hat, so I got those plus another hat for SB. The extra passholder discount has been extended, so I got 20% off everything. Once that was done I was almost 10 minutes into my Soarin fastpass window so I walked across to the Land for that.

    The fastpass line wasnt back up much but we seemed to stand in one place longer than normal. Eventually we were sent to a theater, where I didnt make it into the showing being loaded but was in the one after that. I was seated in the middle row, in the middle of one of the sides, so I had the leaning Eiffel Tower <g>. Its still a nice attraction, but I do wish they would have figured out to fix the distortion.

    Afterwards I left the Land and walked back out to World Showcase, this time going towards Mexico. It was just about 6pm by now. Crowds were still delightfully light around World Showcase, although there were a lot of people whod already staked out their spots for Illuminations at 9! One guy even had 2 giant tripods, which I thought werent allowed any more. I stopped in India for the korma chicken, and ate that at a table by the lake. It was good, but it did seem smaller than the one I had last month. That was ok, since I still had most of the boursin cheese tart in the fridge.

    I continued walking, and got to America 10 minutes before the 6:45 Mark Wills concert, so I found a great seat in the front row of the second section and waited for the concert to begin. There were a number of very enthusiastic young women in the audience who would cheer every time his name was mentioned. I had no clue who he is or what songs he does, but it made sense to me when he came out with a twang and mentioned being a country music band. I cant stand country music, lol but I stayed for most of the concert and to borrow a phrase from my friend Lori who recently did a Carnival cruise it wasnt as horrendous as I expected. Actually, Ive heard worse here the band Fuel comes to mind, lol!

    After leaving the concert I continued my way through the countries to International Gateway and left Epcot. Before going to the resort I detoured to the Boardwalk Bakery to get SB an oatmeal raisin cookie, since he looks forward to me bringing one home for him each trip. From there I went to the villa and made a trip to the car with some stuff I wouldnt need tonight.

    Back inside, I ate the boursin cheese tart good, but it leave a garlic/onion/herb taste in your mouth. A bite of baklava helped, lol! I updated the report and checked the weather again. Now the rain is pushed back to 9:45, so it looks like Illuminations will be dry. Most of it is staying along and off the eastern coast of Florida.

    At 8:30 I walked back over to Epcot, and was in the park waiting for Illuminations on the bridge between UK and France by 8:45. You cannot beat staying in the Crescent Lake area it would really suck to have to use the front entrance, deal with buses or boats or monorails, etc. It seemed very crowded, but I dont bother with Illuminations so I dont really have any idea if this crowd was bigger than normal.

    At 9pm they did regular Illuminations (Reflections of Earth). The lake side of the bridge was 4-5 people deep when I arrived, so I stood against the back railing. I could see the fireworks fine, but missed any stuff that happened in the lake. That was fine with me, as I was only interested in the fireworks and really, just the special ones for the 35th anniversary. Those started once Illuminations ended, and it was like another whole (shorter) show of just fireworks and music. The view was great, and the fireworks were really nice. At the end the entire sky was filled with fireworks that looked like a huge bunch of glitter! Ive never seen that before, and it was really cool!

    During the fireworks, the wind was blowing in my direction, so it got a bit smoky. I could feel tiny things hitting me, but never anything hot, and not anything wet so it wasnt rain. During the anniversary fireworks it got worse, and a big piece of burnt cardboard from one of the fireworks floated down and bounced off my head. I looked more carefully after that and could see other pieces flying around at times, including more landing on the ground. Later at the resort, I shook my hair over the bathroom sink and several little particles of ash or soot fell out.

    Once the fireworks ended everyone started moving towards the exits, which for me was no problem since Im staying at Beach Club! I walked right out with no delay, and was sitting in my villa using the laptop before 9:30. Just try that if youre not staying on Crescent Lake! Id missed a call from SB so I called him back, then ate the rest of the baklava and got to work finishing up the report.

    Today was a surprisingly terrific day! The weather was great not only in terms of the rain being brief, but I got some pool time and the evening had gorgeous weather (not typical for this time of year). Im glad I went back in for those fireworks, too.

    Overall we both really enjoyed this trip, and enjoyed spending the time with Chris, Amanda and Ari. That baby is so cute, and has so much personality hes fun to be around. Were all looking forward to the weather cooling off, as Food & Wine is so much better when youre not sweating.

    Our next trip is the main Food & Wine trip (not just a long weekend). Our friends Pete & Judy come down ahead of us, and we arrive on Sunday, October 29th. Weve got a 1-bedroom villa at Boardwalk, which is where Pete & Judy will be staying (also in a 1-bedroom villa). They go home Friday, the Hollands arrive Friday, SB goes home Saturday, the Hollands leave Sunday, and I return to work Monday. Were looking forward to nicer weather, Food & Wine, actually riding Flight of Avatar, and doing the Caring for Giants (elephants) tour at Animal Kingdom. Should be a nice trip!

    Sue (Holland) Rayford

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    Hi Sue! What a great trip report--thanks! It was great running into you & meeting your kids & adorable grandson! I was at the 35th ceremony, & yes there were mobs of people, but fortunately not too packed in. The heat & humidity for most of the week was ridiculous for a Michigander, but I'm impressed that a Floridian such as yourself also hates it! :-) Some year I'll celebrate my birthday a month late & go to F&W when the weather isn't as unbearable. I just can't eat much from the booths when it's like it was. Thanks again for taking the time to chronicle your trips. I so appreciate reading them!


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