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Thread: Hurricane Irma, canceled room reservation, getting refund.

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    Now that I've gone back and read a little more on this thread, I hope that you won't mind if I add my personal feelings about those CM's that volunteered to work during Irma.
    I think they are so very special to work so hard when things were so tough. But I have to say that I would choose to work on WDW property rather than stay at home and constantly watch the tv. Friends, it's so very stressful to just keep watching, waiting for the latest update, seeing storm pictures. The stress is terrible, and just turning off the tv doesn't really make me feel any better. ...To be working with people and putting a smile on THEIR faces. To hear laughter and share and make good times for others when you are down is such a great lift. I compare it to how we all help our neighbors right after a storm. Everyone walks out to the sidewalk, waves, shouts a little, "You okay? Need any help?" Even though your own yard/house needs work. It just helps so much to be somewhere safe, away from that constant type of stress as you sit in your house. To help others, be with your friends/coworkers and to have your family stay out there with you is such a comfort.

    Well, that's kind of my take on those wonderful working CM's. I'm greatful that they make the sacrifice but am also greatful that they have somewhere to go and help others. Thank you CM's!!!!


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    Almost to a fault, the underpaid Cast Members at WDW are an amazing group of people who really take pride in making people have a great vacation, even if it's just locals going to the park for a day. Sure there will be some who are much less so, maybe having a bad day or some other issue in their life, but in general whiny, bitchy people leave and don't stay around. At least that's my experience visiting and working there.



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