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Thread: 9/3/2017 Very hot, humid, and mostly empty

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    9/3/2017 Very hot, humid, and mostly empty

    Entered the Mickey and Friends garage via the Disney Way Flyover. It was in and out for the running types (I am not one) and we were able to pull right in and park on the top deck. Not our choice to be outside but it is better than the lot outside.

    No waiting for a tram, just get on and roll. The same for entrance even though we were 15 minutes from opening.

    With it very hot and humid we decided to try to get wet first and headed over to Splash Mountain for a few turns. With nobody there we got row 1 and 2 with 2 other riders behind us. We did get a little splash but not much and for the first time we were wearing light weight moisture wicking shirts so we were drying off right away. With nobody in line when we returned we were offered another ride without getting out and went for it. The couple behind us didn't so we moved to the middle and took another round. When we completed that round we were offered round 3 and took it. Again, with nobody else in the log we just didn't have the weight to get wet. At the end of that ride we got off and used our fast pass for round 4. We asked for 2 front seats, got them but still not enough to keep us cool much more than a few minutes after the ride.

    The wait for Thunder Mountain was about mins but we had a fast pass so it was less. That pretty much sums up the day. Get a fast pass, use a fast pass. Almost no waiting.

    Over at California Adventure something is wrong with Grizzly River as it wasn't on the maintenance list but was down and no water.

    Overall, 13 rides, some shopping, lunch and a few take home drinks and we were out by 2pm. The temp was 92 when we got there around 8:30 and 88 when we left. Shortly after getting home a big storm dropped a lot of rain for a few minutes and that was it.

    As we have done with holiday weekends we will be back tomorrow for a little shorter day and home for a bbq.

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    Remind me never to go there again in September! I experiences the same too some years back. But your experience was somehow much worse.



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