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Thread: Chocolate covered coconut Mickey Heads

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    Chocolate covered coconut Mickey Heads

    Where did these go? Just got back from Disney World and couldn't find these anywhere. Any idea where they went?

    So Excited!

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    Where did you find them in the past?

    In the past, I've found them at the following places:

    • the main 1st floor gift shop at the Poly (BouTiki - probably first place I ever saw them - I've seen both 12 pack boxes and 2 packs at the Poly at various times)
    • the candy store on Sunset Blvd in DHS (not sure if it was technically the shop called Beverly and Sunset or the one called Sweet Spells (I am pretty sure they are joined together) - if you walk from Hollywood Blvd, it's on the left right after you start walking) The first time I saw them here, I struck up a conversation with a CM, and it seemed like they were at the time new for this location- is it possible they were originally ONLY sold at the Poly? I only go back as far as 2014 finding and then looking for these, I think.
    • Zuri's Sweets Shop at DAK (near the Harambe marketplace/Kilimanjaro Safaris - they even came in a specially decorated box for the Africa area of DAK one time)
    • I noticed them at Goofy's Candy Company at Disney Springs in early May of this year
    • I purchased them in May at the Main Street Confectionery (right across from the Emporium) at MK

    I think I noticed them at a few other places during my May trip, but I wasn't smart enough to write them all down. I lucked out with finding them at the Confectionery (who would have thought - Duh! ) as I was contemplating stopping by Disney Springs before leaving for my final night at the airport before leaving the next morning.

    Good luck, and good thread! I'd love to learn other places people have seen them.

    While you can't purchase them on-line, I just checked the Disney Shopping App (search for "coconut"), and they claim they are in stock at this moment at the following places:
    • Maestro Mickey's at All Star Music
    • Ink and Paint Shop at Art of Animation
    • Beverly and Sunset (low quantity) at DHS
    • Panchito's Gifts and Sundries (low quantity) at Coronado Springs

    Sorry that doesn't help you after the fact, but I'll probably try to use the App to assist my search for my next trip. The App isn't flawless either I'm sure, but it's most likely a better start point than randomly checking previous locations, especially for some of the random resort gift shops they show up in.

    I'm sort of curious if they make these only on some schedule and then they don't make more even if they sell out until the next time they are up on the schedule. It does seem at least a bit hit or miss. (of course, I will admit I've never randomly tried the Gift shops at AoA or ASMu (or any resort other than Poly) in my random searches !)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave1313 View Post
    ..... I just checked the Disney Shopping App (search for "coconut")
    Tried to add this to my previous post, but the edit window expired. I just noticed the App also specifically calls out the ones I mentioned with the DAK themed box as a separate item. It is listed at the following locations right now:

    • Zawadi Marketplace at AKL (main gift shop at Jambo House) (themed box)
    • Mombasa Marketplace (connected to the previously mentioned Zuri's Sweets Shop, I'm pretty sure - I'd consider this the same location) at DAK (themed box)
    • Out of the Wild at DAK in Rafiki's Planet Watch (themed box)

    I noted the 2 packs show up in the App as well, though they show sold out WDW-wide right now.

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    Had them in the shop at Pop Century in July. I'm sure I saw them at least a couple of other places as well.

    Next trips: Disney World July 15-20 2017 Disneyland September 4-9



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