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Thread: 7/4 Evening and Fireworks

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    7/4 Evening and Fireworks

    We arrived at the parking structure around 5:45pm taking Manchester down. The flyover was turned around for exit and we were able to come in via Disney Way and park on level 3. The tram was a quick load and by 6pm we were in the park. 86F at the time of arrival. Several rides had FastPass available with no wait times so we took those rides, basically Buzz Lightyear, Thunder Mountain and the Haunted House. We also got one for Splash Mountain for 8:35pm which would get us to the fireworks viewing at the right time.

    At 6pm Main St. was already full with campers for the parade. People saving spots were being told not to do it by the red vested cast.

    Because of the timing of the rides we went on we ended up crossing between Tomorrowland and Frontierland more than I would have liked. Getting to Splash Mountain at 830pm was a pain as the entire area was filled with people sitting on the pavement everywhere.

    Once we got off Splash Mountain around 9:10 we made our way via Adventureland. It was a ghost town. Indiana Jones had a 10 minute wait.

    The tail end of the parade was just passing as we came out to the crossing and we were able to squeeze inside the rope about 10 minutes before the fireworks. It was hot as you know what and with all the people trying to get a spot it was a little pushy as well. The red vests did a good job keeping the walkway next to me clear. The show was great, all in the air with projection on the castle and mountain but getting out was off the hook busy.

    The trams were both dropping off and picking up which made it interesting as the entire tram area was full of people going both ways. Three trams later and we were on our way.

    On the way out we were at the far left, took the flyover and once past the 5 onramp it was smooth sailing until we hit the freeway. They were all clogged up like rush hour. 35 miles took us 90 minutes.

    Overall it was a good experience. We enjoyed it.

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    I loved the projections!

    Planning 3 trips at once...

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    Yep, it looked like that. We were back and to the left



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