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Thread: Dead today, FastPass Heaven

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    Dead today, FastPass Heaven

    Arrived at Ball Road entrance at 7:50am

    It looked like it was going to be packed as the parking garage line was backed up to Ball Road. But, it was very light today.

    1st stop was going to be Space Mountain but on the way Star Tours was a 5 minute wait. Actually, it was no wait, walk in and get on.
    2nd stop was Space Mountain. 20 minutes for the FP and 20 minute standby. We got in the standby line and when we were done used the FP.
    3rd&4th stop was the Matterhorn FP. The line was 30 minutes but the FP was only 5 minutes from the time we got it. Tea cups were open so did that first and then the Matterhorn.
    5th stop was Big Thunder Mountain FP. The FP was for 1 minute from when we got it. On to that ride.
    6th stop was Pirates, 10 minute wait.
    7th&8th stop was Splash Mountain, 5 minutes from the time we took the FP, walked over to the Haunted House, 10 minute wait, 10 minutes for a FP so we just waited in line and then did Splash Mountain.
    Over to California Adventure,
    9th stop FP for Screamin, 1 minute to get on, so we just walked on but the wait was only 15 minutes for standby.
    10th, 11th & 12th stop was Toy Story FP, 40 mins so we had lunch, went to Grizzly River to get a FP and came back to it but Screaming was 10 minutes so we did it and went to Toy Story. On the way to Grizzly River Screaming had NO WAIT so we did it again.
    13th and Final was Grizzly River. The ride had been stopped so the FP line was backed up but within 15 minutes we were on it.

    Exited Ball Road exit at 3:20pm.

    The longest FP time from ticket to ride was 45 mins for Toy Story and 20 Mins for Space Mountain and Grizzly River, The rest were between 7 and 1 minute, even if the lines were an hour. Go figure.

    Next trip is 7/1 and 7/3.

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    Do you know why it was so light. Sounds like a great day

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    I can guess the Island was opened and the continuing popularity of the Guardians ride and the new Cars 3 bringing longer lines to Radiator Springs but what I was surprised about was no like at the entrance. We just walked in. Maybe it will be busier this week. We are going on 7/1 and 7/3

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    Because all passes except Premium were blocked out. Makes for ideal conditions. Thanks for the report!

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    I almost went today. Don't know if today would have been better. Plans didn't work out.

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