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Thread: Maximizing Your Money at the Disneyland Resort

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    Maximizing Your Money at the Disneyland Resort

    Maximizing Your Money at the Disneyland Resort by Jenna Kahl

    Tips to stretch your Disney dollars before you visit the Happiest Place on Earth.

    Read it here!

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    I agree that toys that can be purchased on the outside don't need to be purchased in the park. I also agree that balloons are not worth the purchase.

    However, I don't fully agree about purchasing t-shirts that have the years on them. I read once that someone whose family visits the park every year, was buying a dated shirt every year for their kids. Her goal was to create a quilt of all of these shirts when her kids get older as a keepsake. So while the dated shirts are not my style, I can see how such a thing could have lasting sentimental value.

    The best memories of my life...



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