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Thread: Wildfire road closures

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    Wildfire road closures

    I'm posting this in an effort to help people if they are driving down to WDW. I'm not trying to alarm anyone, I just want my dear MP friends to have all the info they need.

    We have several wildfires going right now but none are near the parks, so that's not a problem. But several county roads have been closed due to thick walls of smoke especially in the morning. Alternately they've had to close State Rd 50, 520, etc. in the morning. It's the smoke vs visibility that's the problem.

    Here is an official State of Florida site with good information

    Here is a site that you can check for road closures.

    This shows active fires which usually means smoke....

    Please don't be alarmed. Everything is fine. I just wanted to save those driving down the added headache of being turned around and redirected to a detour.

    I hope this helps!

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    As long as the Greenway between the airport and WDW is open in 2 weeks, I'll be fine!

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    I'll cross my fingers for you Dan.

    It's 4:32pm, 4/12 and I just saw on the fire map that the "Sterling Fire" is located between my work and my house. Thankfully it's located a little east.
    Yep, it's gonna be a hot summer.


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    4/14, Just a little update. Again this morning I heard on the radio that certain state roads were closed due to smoke. This was around 7:30am. But as I check the maps now 9:03am, I don't see any road closures listed, so it's mostly in the morning that the smoke affects visibility on the roads.

    Please be careful if you are driving over to WDW this weekend for Easter, especially if you are coming from the east coast of Florida. You might want to give yourself a little more driving time if you leave in the early morning hours.



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