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Thread: Sunday 4/9, 8am to 3pm visit, lots of broken down rides

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    Sunday 4/9, 8am to 3pm visit, lots of broken down rides

    Space Mountain, Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear opened 30 minutes late. Big Thunder not open at all by 11am. We hear Pirates broke down and passengers had to walk out. It also had to be restarted while we were on it, all the boats backed up at the lift at the end of the ride.

    On the other side Screamin broke down both times we were in line. On top of that they pretty much stopped handing out fastpasses even if your fastpass was consumed but not used. It was still down at 2pm. Radiator Springs down at the same time, Grizzly River down about the same time but came back up. I was able to use my Screamin FastPass at GR. The guy felt sorry for us I guess.

    Crowd level was low compared to the time of year. This was the first day the 3 day special CA pass could not be used. Also the weekend began the blackout days for some of the lower AP passes.

    Next trip will probably be in 2 weeks. I would like to go at Easter but not sure I can swing either weekend day.

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    Wow. That's a bummer, Binki. I hope it goes better when you go back!



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