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Thread: Jeffrey's Trip Reports

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    Jeffrey's Trip Reports

    First if this is not aloud here then I'm sorry about it and you can delete it. I use to do trip reports on another forum whom I will not name since I am no longer on that site. But I know some of you who are on there are on here as well and no what I am about. So with that out of the way I will start my trip reports on here now if it's ok.

    So let us start.

    I when to Disneyland on March 22nd not really sure if me and my family where going cause of the rain. Before we desided to go I was looking at the Disneyland APP to see what characters where out. When I saw the name Kristoff on the list I was pretty shock to see that he was out. I only though it was just for that day. So once I saw that he was out I when to look at the weather and seeing that the rain wasn't going to happen there cause it kept changing. Long story short we got to Disneyland around 1:30 and Kristoff was going to leave at 2. I was doing my best to get over to DCA before it was to late. I got in over at there and the line was huge I was in line at 1:45 the line was going very slow but I had hear over a CM that Kristoff was staying until 3. By the time I got to the front it was almost a 2 hour wait as I got to the front they stop the line cause Kristoff had leaved for the day. So I was bum that I didn't get to see him. The line when back to the old way to see Elsa & Anna. Oh before I got to the front I had look at the APP again to see what other Characters where out. When I saw that Aurora was now on the list I knew that she was the next one to see. So after the two hour wait which was around 3 I got in to see Elsa & Anna. Elsa saw my shirt of Kristoff and ask me if I got to see him. I said no that I hear that he was hear but didn't get to see him. Elsa then said that Kristoff wanted to redo the picture that was on my shirt over. I said to her why and she said because that she and Anna where not on there. So after are little talk we did some pictures.

    So after I saw Elsa & Anna I may my way over to Disneyland side to see Aurora cause she was about to come out so I walk as fast as I could over to the back side of the Dumbo ride as I got there Aurora was already out. So I got in line which wasn't bad about a 3 or 5 min. Once I got up front to see her Aurora who by the way is my #1 favorite Princess. Saw my shirt and also ask if I saw Kristoff. I told her no the line was about 2 hours and by the time I got to the front he was gone. Aurora told me that she hear that Anna told her that Kristoff would be out longer for awhile so when she said that I was happy to hear that. We then took a photo together.

    After I saw Aurora I desided to go back again for one more time to get a few more photos of Aurora.

    After seeing Aurora I when over to New Orleans Squard to see if my friend Princess Tiana who I have met for 8 years last Christmas Day. So when I got there I saw the Shadow Man who I am afread of so I stay far away from him as I can until he was gone. Once he was gone I waited to see if Tiana was coming. It was about 5 mins when Tiana came out but it wasn't my Tiana that I know so I when off to the front of Main Street to see if any Princess where out I when all around the front of Main Street and by the gates and there was no characters out. So I sat down by a bench for a few mins with no sign of character. As I got up I saw the ears of Minnie by the gates in front of Disneyland so I walk out to the front where I saw both Mickey and Donald together which was a shock to see Donald next to Mickey. So I when in there line since Donald is a favorite of mine. When I got to the front I pull out a list of characters that I have seen and how many time I got photos taken with them. BTW I have more photos with Donald then I do with Mickey I have 141 photos with Donald & 59 with Mickey.

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    After seeing Mickey & Donald I when to the Empolum store just to look around. I when to the back side where I saw new Disney Emoji mini plushes out. I had at one time play the Disney Emoji game on my photo and I wanted to get the characters that I had from the game. So I when and got Ariel the first emoji that I had from the game, Chester Cat the 10th one & Tink the 15th one. Here are a few photos I have of them.

    There is two sides to them by the way. Oh the other 2 that I have from an early time are Mickey my second and Goofy my third emoji.

    So after I got the emoji's I when to the Royal Hall which at first I wasn't going to go since I wanted to try something different this year with the Princess by doing them on the outside of the Royal Hall. But since I know that Ariel would be in there I wanted to show her her emoji that I got. So when in just in time before they close the line for the night. The first Princess that I saw was Snow White she ask me how my day was. I told her it was good then we took photos.

    So after seeing Snow White I when on to the next Princess and it was Ariel herself. When I got up to her I show her, her emoji she loved it she ask me if they had one with Flounder I said no nor they didn't have one of Sabastion either. She ask me before we took our photo what side do I want the emoji to face. I told her to choice so she pick the smile side.

    So after Ariel it was Cinderella turn she ask me how my night was doing I said it was good we then took our photos.

    So this ends my report. So once again I hope this is ok to do here.

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    Sounds like a wonderful day

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    I'm sorry that you didn't get to see Kristoff after waiting so long It looks like you had a good day anyway and got to visit with a lot of characters. Thanks for sharing your great photos!

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    Looks like you had a fun day! Hopefully next time you can get in to see Kristoff. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    A crowded day at Disneyland beats a busy day of housework!!

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