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Thread: DCA Food and Wine 2017 - Info, impressions, and food reviews

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    We've heard a cover of "California Dreamin'" -- will have to think if we heard anything else that we recognized.

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    I'm sad the festival is over, and already looking forward to the Holiday version hopefully returning at the end of the year, and this one again next year LOL.
    I only got to use my one full Sip and Savor pass, as they did sell out before the end of the festival. Did not try all the booths, so I have a few repeat buttons, definitely did not get them all, but that is OK too. I did miss out on Donald, the last big AP button too.
    I figured I'd post my final thoughts while the tastes and flavors are still fresh in my mind!

    I Heart Artichokes - I had the Artichoke carbonara with garlic aioli and smoked bacon. Holy cow. Wow! This was a lot better than expected. A tiny kick of spice depending on the bite you got, but it was bearable and worth it.
    Garlic Kissed - During the festival I eventually tried both the Grilled beef tenderloin slider with chimichurri sauce and the Black garlic soy-braised pork belly bao with pickled vegetables. Holy cow. I think the pork bao was my favorite item of the whole festival. Hands down. The pork belly was so soft and full of flavor, and I loved the texture of the bao bun!
    Seafood… Sustained - This was my favorite booth of the whole festival however. I had the Verlasso sustainable salmon tataki with avocado-wasabi puree and furikake dust (sans wasabi puree) a whopping FOUR times. I love the seaweed salad served under the fish. The fish was just always perfect. I lost count of how many times I had the Mango agua fresca. I also had the Passion fruit posset and coconut chia with mango compote and jelly about two or three times. My favorite dessert easily. I will miss these items SO MUCH now that the festival is done!
    The Onion Lair - I really really enjoyed the Braised wagyu beef on creamy polenta with haricot vert and red onion salad and roasted cipollini onion, enough to have it twice. I had never had polenta before, and definitely want to try to make it at home now! My bf's favorite of the whole festival was the French onion mac and cheese topped with parmesan crumble and chives. I had a few bites, but it just didn't do it for me. Didn't stand out, despite my being a huge fan of French onion soup.
    Off the Cob - I split a Sweet corn nuggets with beef chili, spring onions, and sour cream with my bf. This was a surprising one! I didn't know what to expect. I really enjoyed the taste and the textures here.
    LA Style - The Korean barbecue beef short rib tacos with kimchi slaw were always consistent, and I ended up having those three times during the festival. I liked that you got two, so they felt like a good value. I am someone who actually hates kimchi, but it totally worked with these tacos! I also had a Fresh strawberry compote, lemon verbena and vanilla bean shortcake parfait, it was good, but not especially remarkable. I got to taste a friend's Dole pineapple-strawberry float with vanilla ice cream and strawberry pearls, and while I really enjoyed the pearls, the rest of the drink while good, didn't seem worth the $7 price tag to me.
    Sweet & Sourdough - I really enjoyed the White Cheddar Lager Soup served in a Mini Boudin Sourdough Boule. As someone who doesn't like beer at all, this was a gamble, but a gamble that paid off. The flavor was just right! I wish this could be added to the list of soups available year round in a bread bowl, as I am not a fan of chowder. On Saturday we got two Milk Chocolate Sourdough Bread Pudding with vanilla bean sauce to share among a group, and did not enjoy it much. The texture was weird. The outside of one was nice and crunchy and good, but the insides were way too mushy and the texture was just off putting.

    I did not try anything from these booths:
    Nuts About Cheese - Nothing here intrigued me enough to try
    Olive Us - Same issue
    Bacon Twist - Again, iceburg lettuce does not interest me in the least, and I've had lots of bacon mac and cheese at other places (Including Catal in DTD)
    Lemon Grove - This one I actually really wanted to try the duck confit, but every time I stopped here they were out of food, and I just never made it back by and would get something else!
    I did not have any beer or wine, since I just don't like those types of alcohol at all :s

    So overall, I really enjoyed the Food Fest, having never bothered to try the ones in years past. Some really good stuff!!



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