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Thread: 1/21/17 Afternoon visit

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    1/21/17 Afternoon visit

    On our visit in December we made reservations for Blue Bayou on Jan 21. Even though it had been raining here for weeks the prediction for Saturday was clear and that it was. We arrived at 2pm and were directed to the Goofy parking level. It was a long walk, parked in 3K we couldn't be farther away unless we parked at Knott's. Security was a breeze and so was getting on the tram.

    I would say the park was moderately busy but not overly busy. Most ride waits were reported around 5 to 30 minutes with only a few being longer. We found most waits were less, sometimes by half.

    Our dinner reservation was for 7:50 and we figured we would see the Main Street Electrical Parade at 10:30. We went to Space Tours, picked up a Fast Pass for 3:40 and went over the the Matterhorn. The wait was listed at 30 minutes but it was more like 15. From there we did the Astro Blasters, less than 20 minute wait. The Haunted House was open and all of the Christmas decorations were gone and the wait was listed at 20 minutes but it was about 10. When our time came for Star Tours we picked up a Fast Pass for Hyperspace Mountain for 8:40. That would work out great with dinner and the parade.

    With daylight left and a lot of time we went to California Adventure. People were staking out spots for the 8:30 parade at Disney over 2 hours in advance of the parade. The Soaring ride listed at a 60 minute wait which was changed to 45 minutes when we got in line. There were a lot of 'VIP' folks showing up in the Fast Pass line, children of employees, a tour, a few other groups given special passes at the gate. The wait was 45 minutes. Ariel's Under the Sea had no wait, we jumped on that. After that we walked to Paradise Pier and then to the east. We went on Luigi's Rockin ride, 20 minute wait and then walked by a bunch of other rides with NO Wait.

    We exited California Adventure about 6:45 and figured we could go on Pirates and then stop for dinner. The wait for Pirates was about 10 minutes and there we were at our dinner destination about 25 minutes early. We were seated at 7:40 and Mrs. Binki and I both had the Surf and Turff. We enjoyed the restaurant, the staff and the food. No desert, that was more than enough. It was approaching our time for Hyperspace Mountain and we walked over to Main Street where the parade was about half way through. We waited at the crossing for an open and got a great view of the parade. We debated getting to the other side, turning around and doing the same thing to see some more of the parade but didn't do it. Maybe next time.

    We went over to Hyperspace Mountain and the Fast Pass line was clogged up with someone arguing over the return. They had a 'Not a valid Fast Pass' ticket and were trying to get in with that. Hmm, how did they know what time to come back?

    At this time we figured we could go on Small World and then see the parade from there. Two things about that. Small world had NO wait and the parade goes the other way finishing at Small World for the second show. We didn't think about that but next time it will be in our plans. The cast at Small World were constantly moving people out of the walkway to the entrance to the ride but eventually gave up 2/3 through the parade and huddled among themselves. One thing I noticed was a guy in a motor cart that was given permission to park and watch from the walking way. Once the parade started, he stood for the entire time and about 7 people joined him and sat on or around the cart. Looks like a nice scam.

    We exited the park after the parade and walked over to the north tram pickup and were able to board right away and make it back to the parking garage. I could have made a U turn and just gone out the in row but I went down a ways, crossed empty spots and merged in with the row going out. It was a little dicey getting across 6 lanes to turn right onto Ball Road but once I did it was smooth sailing.

    Today it is nothing but rain until late Monday morning with no breaks in site. I am glad I am not there today.

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