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Thread: Harambe Market - Four Counters, One Menu

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    Harambe Market - Four Counters, One Menu

    Harambe Market - Four Counters, One Menu by Roan Poulter

    A review of one of the newest dining options at DIsney's Animal Kingdom

    Read it here!

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    Harambe Market is my favorite counter-service location in Animal Kingdom. Unfortunately, I'm the only one in the family who will eat there, because the food is a bit too "exotic" for the rest of the family. Everything I've had there has been superb. I love the African twist on the corn dog! The beef gyros, the chicken skewers, and the Tikka Masala are all great, too. My favorite thing, though, is the interesting side dishes. The papaya slaw and black-eyed pea salad are unlike anything you'll find in any quick-food place at WDW, and they're delicious! The spice cake dessert is also great.

    This is a great place to try if you're an adventurous eater. It's also a really fun atmosphere, because it is SO highly themed. The family will usually come with me to eat, and they'll enjoy a snack from the nearby candy shop while I have lunch, and then we'll all head to Yak & Yeti or Flame Tree for lunch for the rest of them. I just never want to miss out on Animal Kingdom's newest counter-service location.

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    We really enjoyed Harambe Market at night this summer. It was empty and it had a very cool, "off the beaten path" vibe. I thought everything was great. I also loved the side dishes, a real pleasant change from fries. My kids loved the corn dogs. Great place to sit outside in the evening and have a bite.



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