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Thread: Last movie seen, part 5

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    Oh! The Rescuers...I LOVED that movie as a kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericles View Post
    Oh! The Rescuers...I LOVED that movie as a kid.
    I enjoyed parts of it, but I could not get over how absolutely MEAN they were to Penny. That's one of the things I'm noticing that I'm having a hard time with in watching these movies, how mean some people/beings are.

    BTW, if anyone's interested, my reviews of the movies are posted on my blog. I post a new review every Tuesday.
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    Palm Springs (on Hulu). I wasnt expecting much from an Andy Samburg movie. But Id heard it was good so we gave it a try. It was funny. And better than I expected. There was some introspection.

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