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Thread: Last movie seen, part 5

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    I saw the movie again last night so was able to pay more attention to what might count as strobe. I don't entirely understand what the triggers are, whether one flash would trigger or if it would need to be multiple flashes, so I don't know that I can explain it well enough. There are various places where it would be the equivalent of being in a dark room while there was a lightning storm outside. Some bursts are pretty sporadic, but some bursts are more intense and more frequent. If one or a couple flashes don't trigger, then it might be possible to close your eyes as soon as you see one or two flashes. There's a scene that's probably 10 or 15 minutes long that you'd probably have to close your eyes at, and you'd miss that scene of course, but hearing it might give you enough idea of what's going on, versus missing the entire movie. If one or two flashes automatically triggers the reaction, then I think the movie would be problematic in parts.
    So we finally joined everyone else in the 21st century and saw "The Rise of Skywalker" last week! Happy to report that, after such a long time had passed, I had completely forgotten about the strobe issue. So, after the movie, when Mr. Tea asked me how they had affected me, I had no idea what he was talking about. LOL. We did see it on a good day when I wasn't having any migraine or allergy problems, so that helped a lot. Mr. Tea remembered the strobe issue and said he had been keeping an eye on me during the scenes he thought might be a problem. Didn't see me flinching or looking uncomfortable, so he assumed that this movie experience was going to be pretty much the same as watching "Incredibles 2." (The outcome might have been different if I had been experiencing an aura or starting a headache.)

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    Really glad I didn’t pay to go see this at the theatre. It was a little freaky when I discovered that the plot revolved around a deadly virus but that was really the only feeling I had about the movie. No feelings for any of the characters they all seemed flat and the stunts were so obviously fake that they weren’t even fun to watch. The one car chase in London when Shaw was driving was pretty good but the fight scene on Samoa was again flat. They set up the movie for a definite sequel but I have no interest.



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