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Thread: Ticket & Transportation Center

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    Ticket & Transportation Center

    Hi. I've been reading so much about Disney World that I'm getting confused. If I understand correctly, at the TTC you can

    1. Take a monorail to Epcot.
    2. Take a monorail to the Magic Kingdom and about 4 other resorts.
    3. Catch buses to Downtown Disney, Animal Kingdom & MGM
    4. Check to see if your old multi-day tickets still have days left.
    5. Take a ferry to the Magic Kingdom.

    In order to use the transporation you must have a Park Hopper ticket (or Plus or Ultimate) and/or stay at a Disney-owned resort.

    Am I missing anything or add something that doesn't belong?
    I'm traveling alone and really good at getting lost so, I'm trying to avoid that ahead of time.

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    I've never heard of WDW transportation actually asking guests to show their tickets/hotel keys. Moreover, even if they did, a 1-day 1-park ticket would still give you access to the MK monorails (both express and local), the Epcot monorail, and the MK ferry, since TTC is not only the central ticketing complex for the entire property, but also the ONLY ticketing complex (other than the front and concierge desks at one's hotel) for MK.

    You can also board a Lynx bus to downtown Orlando.

    You can also take a Disney bus to DTD, including PI.

    There is also a small souvenir shop, a taxi stand, and an ATM.

    And if you're worried about getting lost, DON'T GET A RENTAL CAR. You can't get seriously lost on Disney transportation (or on Lynx, for that matter), but WDW's internal freeway system is fairly complex, and most of the time, I had little idea where I was going, even if I trusted that the bus driver was ultimately headed to the destination on the headsign. (And speaking of which, PAY ATTENTION TO THE HEADSIGNS ON THE BUSES, as well as the signs on the bus stops, since it's not always possible for a bus to pull into its designated slot.

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    I don't want to nit pick...but as a trivia answer....yes indeed, years ago when the MK first opened you did have to have a valid hotel ID or Campground ID. I vividly remember the bus drivers asking to see it. This however was not the case with the monorail.

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    they do occassionally ask for some form of resort ID. most often it is early in the morning if you are trying to get to a resort for bfast, or late at night. they will occassionally ask for ID before boarding a resort monorail.
    but this usually only happens at either the ttc, epcot, and downtown disney.

    the ttc used to be the focal point for all trans. you could get to anywhere from there. lately (since they opend the bus stops at the MK) they have been using downtown disney much the same way. to bad it is actually much farther then the TTC

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