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Thread: A Word from Our Sponsors: How Posted Wait Times Compare To Your Actual Wait In Line

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    A Word from Our Sponsors: How Posted Wait Times Compare To Your Actual Wait In Line

    How Posted Wait Times Compare To Your Actual Wait In Line by Fred Hazelton

    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign! Wait time signs are posted outside most attractions but the amount of time you actually wait in line may be quite different.

    Read it here!

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    Would you say this is also true for Disneyland? Not necessarily the same percentage difference in posted vs real wait times as WDW, but in general real wait times are shorter than posted times at Disneyland?

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    the data charts are neat - but in my experience over the last 2 years or so Disneyland's wait times are actually accurate - or sometimes even longer. Indy, Autopia, and Big Thunder (my most recent known comparison) have been quite on point with their times. For whatever reason.

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    I believe that the wait time takes into consideration all the Fastpass riders. That is if for any given 5 minute window there are 500 Fastpass tickets that are valid, then the posted wait time has to assume that ALL 500 of those Fastpass people show up at once and want to ride. Of course this is not really the reality of how the FPs work but that would account for a buffer. That said the posted time is more accurate if the CMs are handing out the timing cards to guests at regular intervals with the assumption that the FP returns will be spread evenly over the hour window.

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    My experience has been that the time posted is accurate only if the line of people reaches the sign that tells the estimated wait. Otherwise, it does tend to be a shorter wait.

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    I think in many cases, the wait time estimate is reasonably accurate........until a large touring group enters the line all at the same time.

    If the line gets a large influx of guests at the same time, the wait time indicated will get quickly skewed.

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    I tend to agree with several other commenters that the posted wait times in recent years have been more accurate. Back before 2010, it always seemed like the wait time was less than the posted wait time, but these days they really seem to have a good grasp on exactly how long it will take.

    Of course, it varies a bit from attraction to attraction. For the "people eater" rides -- it's a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. -- it usually seems to take a few minutes less. For slow-loaders like the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Test Track, it almost always seems to be right on.



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