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Thread: More Mouse: Disney's Port Orleans Resort

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    More Mouse: Disney's Port Orleans Resort

    Disney's Port Orleans Resort by Donald and Bonnie Fink
    A Photo Tour of the Port Orleans Resort, Riverside and French Quarter
    A casual walking tour of Disney's Port Orleans Resort reveals a great moderate resort on Disney property

    Read it here!

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    Great stuff, and love the pictures. Port Orleans was my first resort and last resort in respect to my 7 trips to WDW. I'll start with the last: French Quarter. We loved the architecture of this resort. It's so elegant and yet truly Southern. The kids loved the pool and slide, and I loved the cajun food like the fried chicken, collard greens, and the unbelievably good beignets. We always wanted to stay here, and finally on our last trip in 2012 they offered a discount for FQ. The only down side was that we got put in the furthest possible room from the elevator in the furthest building from the bus stop. It's a small resort, but that walk was as long as any I'd taken at any other resort.

    My first trip to WDW was our honeymoon and we stayed at Riverside (it had just changed names). Imagine the romance as we walk through the lush areas, looking at all the stately mansions....and then realizing you've been booked in the Alligator Bayou. Then realizing that building has no elevators so you have to heave your luggage up the stairs (before the days of ME). We hated it! It was very disappointing, and we didn't know better that you could have your room changed. We'd ride the boat to DD and see the beautiful FQ, making us even more disheartened with our choice of resort. And the bus service at Riverside is as bad as our stay at the All Stars - all other moderate resorts had far superior bus speed. The AB section alone is the sole reason we've NEVER returned to Riverside. While staying in a mansion would be great, the risk of getting shoved into the AB is enough reason for us to choose any other place. It's a beautiful resort....except for those apartment complexes with a catchy cajun name.

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    We visited POR-Riverside last summer and it was a great choice for our family. The kids loved the theming and pool. The best part about Port Orleans FQ are the fresh beignets (maybe this is a West Coast, Disneyland thing)! Definitely worth the trip!

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    POR, POFQ are lovely places to stay. I love staying at Riverside and enjoying one of their Royal Rooms. It's just wonderful. Several times we've stayed with visiting family and they always enjoy the Alligator Bayou section. Or as we say, "Hey! There's an alligator by you!"

    Thanks for the article and wonderful pics.

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    Hey DisneyGator,

    I guess it's truly a small world after all. I just noticed that you're from Waterford. I grew up in Ceres/Modesto. Graduated from Ceres High School way back when. Now were in Orlando, visiting Disney about four times a week. Gotta love it. Sorry to hear that your first trip to Port Orleans wasn't so good. We've always liked it, but had seen it before we stayed and knew what to expect. That helps.

    Anyway, I just saw that we're from the same neighborhood and thought I would give you a quick shout.

    Don Fink

    Don Fink

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    love French quarter the most. riverside is 2nd choice. busses at riverside can be bad. if you have a car drive over to French quarter. that resort loads first so you will not have to stand



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