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Thread: it's the jazz (and British folk)

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    it's the jazz (and British folk)

    I am an Annual Passholder.
    After a task in Santa Ana, CA, I decided to not go straight home, but spend a few hours at Disneyland.
    DL closed at 6:00 pm that day, so I could still squeeze in 5 hours.

    Since my time was limited, I decided to slow down my pace and just enjoy.
    So I deliberately sought out the "jazz men" scheduled to play that day.

    Royal Street Bachelors
    . . . played improvised jazz standards, on stage at the French Market.
    Drummer, upright bass, guitar, trumpet, clarinet/piano = 5 players
    Everyone got to solo.
    I cannot tell you how fresh that sounds, after hearing canned music so often.
    I sat in on one session, then went my merry way, but I got to swing back and hear the end of another set.
    Cool (but not in the be-bop way, you know!).

    The Bootstrappers
    . . . stood up in a spot just past the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean, in that walkway.
    They sang Irish and English folk songs, which could pass for sea shanties.
    Guitar, violin, accordion, small fifes of some kind (recorders?), and an extra male singer = 5 players.

    Many DL guests were wearing Halloween costumes.
    One girl dressed as Arial-on-dry-land, in a blue dress, danced and swirled her skirt in an appropriate 1800s way.
    I was amused.

    A relaxing, no-time-pressure day at Disneyland.

    "It is, it is, a glorious thing, to be a Pirate King."
    -- Gilbert & Sullivan, "Pirates of Penzance, or, The Slave of Duty"

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    That is Bill Lewis on the right, playing the penny whistle.
    You can find their music on I-Tunes under the name The Skullduggars.

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    Good for you!! Sounds like you had a great time.

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    Those kind of days are the best! Next time, if you visit DCA, try to catch a set with the Ellis Island Boys. They play washboard jazz of the 20's and 30's. So fun!



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