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Thread: World View: The New Fantasyland: A Final Review

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    World View: The New Fantasyland: A Final Review

    The New Fantasyland: A Final Review by Jeff Kober

    How magical are the latest additions to the park?

    Read it here!

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    Definitely agree with Gaston making a splash. Back in 2012, Gaston came out and my then 7yo daughter ran to him and hugged him. It then became the biggest "scene" in the park as that really stroked Gaston's ego. It was awesome.

    All in all, the area is pretty incredible. I look forward to one day returning and doing the Mine Train. And the Dumbo ride is HUGE. In fact, my kids were really mad when our buzzer went off and they couldn't play in the tent anymore. Next time, I'll just take them there and let them stay for as long as they want.

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    I find new Fantasyland beautiful to look at but ultimately underwhelming with what can actually be experienced there. I've done everything except the Barnstormer redo. I dislike comparisons with what Universal has done with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but I guess I was just hoping for more from Disney.


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    I really like the Fantasyland expansion. Storybook Circus in particular is fantastic, but the "Enchanted Forest" area is very well-themed and quite different from the older part of Fantasyland. WDW's Fantasyland has always suffered by comparison to Disneyland's Fantasyland, since they were laid out very similarly but WDW is missing half the dark rides, the Sub Lagoon, Casey Jr., Storybook Land Canal Boats and the Matterhorn. Now WDW's Fantasyland is unique and feels more like a "complete" land.

    I don't understand the complaints about how long it took to build, though. What difference does it make, now that it's completed, how long it took?

    Yes, it's not as impressive as Harry Potter land or even Cars Land, but the scale of the Fantasyland expansion is really appropriate for the Magic Kingdom at WDW. Something as massive as Cars Land wouldn't have blended well with the old parts of Fantasyland.

    My only serious complaint about the Fantasyland expansion is that I would like to have seen more of a "forest" separating the old and new sections of Fantasyland. Having a dense grove of trees separating the Mine Train area from Winnie the Pooh would have been really cool.

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    Well, I have to tell you, having ridden the 7 Dwarves Train today and loving it, and adding the dining experience at Be Our Guest, plus the new Little Mermaid dark ride, and all the little pluses associated with the expansion, I'm a big fan! Whether it is on par with Universal is irrelevant, at least to me. Here is what I can tell you: I'm staying at Disney and attending MK and not Islands of Adventure; enough said? I like Harry Potter, but I LOVE Disney!

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    I do hope trees will grow in much thicker because it's a bit sparse at present. Other than that, my only real complaint is the loss of a dark ride for a meet & greet that could have been placed in Town Square permanently.



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