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Thread: Disneyland Resort Update

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    Disneyland Resort Update

    Disneyland Resort Update by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix
    Update for June 2 - 8, 2014
    Star Wars half marathon coming in 2015 | Tinker Bell event details updated | Summer celebrations in Downtown Disney | Disney Cruise Line update | CHOC events | This and that... | Question of the Week | Crowd Forecast

    Read it here!

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    Ok, I admit this isn't my field of expertise, but I remember hearing that the PVSA was about the cruise line, not the passengers. A carrier like Disney Cruise stops at a foreign port so that they can maintain their foreign status, and thus avoid paying domestic registration fees, not to mention avoiding things like federal labor laws and oversight from a host of other US federal agencies. If they kick passengers off of a poorly planed cruise, its only to save their own skins.

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    Captain EO is closed as of June 18 on Disneyland's calendar. Tomorrowland is a pretty sad place for a few weeks with only Star Tours and Buzz open and the meet and greets for Marvel.

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    Thanks for posting that the CHOC summer events now have dates (& links). I had checked a few weeks ago and they were still linking to the 2013 information. Of note, the 2012 website indicated that the kids needed to be between 5 and 15. My daughter wasn't yet 5 so I didn't sign up. Last year (and this year) there were no ages listed, but we were out of town. I just signed my kids up for 2014 and the confirmation page indicates that kids need to be between 5 and 15. I'm not sure why this was taken off the main page. I would be disappointed if I paid $50 for my kid to go only to find out that they were outside the age range.

    There is also a Lego Club meeting at Downtown Disney that morning for kids age 6-14 for anyone so inclined.



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