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Thread: World View: Celebrating the Silver Anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios

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    World View: Celebrating the Silver Anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Celebrating the Silver Anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios by Jeff Kober

    Read it here!

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    Really enjoyed the history of the park! Our first trip to WDW was our honeymoon in June 2002, and so we were there for the 100 Years of Magic season. We fell in love with what we called "MGM". Bought the hats, the t-shirts, the tank top (because the day were there it was HOOOTTTTT!!). I'll never forget the miserable 80 minute wait for RnRC and then realizing that it was worth it the first time it took off! We loved that park so much, it was all we could look forward to when we returned in 2004. We got there on Super Bowl Sunday and the place was empty. Instead of waiting 80 minutes for one ride, we rode RnRC and ToT twice in that same 80 minutes.

    Some people may hate me for this, but we LOVE the giant Mickey Hat. Of course, we never saw the place without it, but for us it helped represent what we thought Disney World was all about - Mickey! I still don't feel like I've been to WDW until I've seen that beautiful hat. And DHS houses my favorite attraction at Disney - the Tower of Terror. I love the detail of the story and how it's so attached to one of my favorite TV shows (even for a youngster like me), the Twilight Zone. The one in California just doesn't compare to the detail, park location and theming, and random drop sequence of the original.

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    My favorite attraction was the animation studio. I remember peering through the windows (I think it was called the "fishbowl") and seeing the animators painting cels. The guide said they were working on Disney's next movie, called "Aladdin". Getting a sneak peak at Disney's next animated movie was the highlight of my trip.

    Since the studio shut down, DHS seems like a theme park that's lost its purpose. Not sure what they can do about this though, since having a studio there isn't economically feasible.

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    I first went to the Studios in the fall of 1989 and I absolutely fell in love with it. I am a big fan of old Hollywood so I was just in heaven. 25 years later this park DEFINITELY needs some love and attention. AND that damn Sorcerer's Hat needs to GO! DHS still has so much potential but it has become a half-day park for me now. I usually do Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Great Movie Ride then I'm outta there. All the rest of the attractions I've done so many times that I now skip them unless the person I'm with wants to do them. That Jack Sparrow thing is a joke. I kept thinking this was the pre-show until the exit doors opened! Once in a while we'll go back in the evening to dine at the Hollywood Brown Derby and/or catch Fantasmic, but that's pretty much it.


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    I was fortunate enough to be at MGM Studios on the official opening day of Star Tours in January of 1990 while on a high school "Magic Music Days" band trip. We had heard that George Lucas and other celebrities were at the park, but were surprised when just prior to the start of the Indiana Jones show, Michael Jackson and his entourage entered the theater from the front-left of the bleachers. I did not get any photos of that, but I did get this one of Mark Hamill in the Stars & Motorcars parade:




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