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Thread: I'm Officially Old! Surprise 40th Birthday weekend Day 1 morning

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    I'm Officially Old! Surprise 40th Birthday weekend Day 1 morning

    I'm Officially Old! Surprise 40th Birthday weekend


    Me (Kerry) 40 yrs old ahhhh!

    John (my husband) who's even older 43 yrs ha ha!

    Ross our eldest son 7 yrs

    Owen our youngest son 6 yrs

    Day 1 Friday 9th May

    I woke up at 6.45am with alarm as i like to snooze for a while before getting the boys and up and ready for school. Texts from Mum, Dad and Joanne came in so i didn't get back to sleep.

    I went on facebook and heard a lovely singing voice mail from Joanne, Chris and Cameron and they were all singing Happy Birthday to was so cut Joanne had arranged for a birthday annoucement be read out on our local radio station Moray Firth Radio and it was great to hear this at 7.45.

    Mum and Dad had also put a lovely birthday announcement in our local paper, The Northern Scot. I was only 17 in the photo and it looked lovely... can't believe i'm now 23 years older, when did that happen!

    John then got the boys up and gave them their breakfast. After this they all came into the living room with my lovely card, there was supposed to be a mummy card too but John couldn't find it! The boys wrote their birthday messages in it which was lovely.

    Ross then said to me that he was going to his Grass Roots (after school sports ) as we were going to Grannies Heilan Hame for the weekend!

    Grannies Heilan Hame is a great holiday Park in Embo Northern Scotland, near Dornach ( were Madonna got married to Guy Ritchie)

    We had our very first family holiday with the boys there in the summer of 2011 when Ross was 4 and Owen was 3 yrs.

    It was a wonderful surprise and he kept it a secret since March! He only told my mum and dad about it on the wednesday as he had asked them to "babysit" our 2 cats... the only other females in our very male house, Rory and Dixie aged 2 although Rory turned 3 on the 16th May and i gave her a "you are 3" birthday card which John was horrified at! but i wanted to as they are my little girls! Dixie will be 3 on 21st June and she will be getting a card too if you're reading this John!

    By the way in case you're wondering why Rory has a "male" name its because we were told she was a he when we first got her from a farm. A week later the vet informed us of the fact i had another girl in the house! We kept her name as it suited her and i googled it (i'm frequently online! ) and found out there is an american girl tv character called Rory so she's not the only girl with that name! lol
    Anyway back to the subject matter as i appear to be rambling somewhat!

    John and the boys also gave me a lovely big bottle of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume an
    Just before the boys went to school, they came through with a lovely birthday cake (see above) and a lovely big 40th mug and coaster set which is great as i'm very partial to my coffee!
    and we had a slice with coffee after the boys went to school.

    Some slideshow photos here

    Next part coming soon

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