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Thread: Postcards from Characters?

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    Postcards from Characters?

    Hi there!

    It has been a while since our last Disney trip and we are quite excited! We are going the week of April 12th and it will be our daughters first trip. She is 2 1/2! My question is- Is there anyone that "sends" postcards from characters? I remember years back this was a thing, but didnt see any recent posts? I'm just looking for a simple "cant wait to see/meet you" signed by a character (Minnie, Mickey, Pooh, Tigger, or similar).


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    It's been awhile since I've even seen a postcard for sale at Disneyland. I used the offer to send them, but people got really greedy and would ask me to send several with all of their kids' favorite characters when Disney only sold 2-3 varieties at any one time. That said, I think I have some of the castle in a box somewhere and I can do an ok Mickey signature. If I find it I'll post again.

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    There is an address the kids can write to and get mail from their favorite characters. It's in Burbank at the studios. Let me look around, I know I have it, I used to do this with my niece.

    Padders used to send postcards as well but that has been awhile. Postcards are harder to come by.

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    Postcards are harder to find at the parks, but they can be found at the gas stations and convenience stores around the parks.

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