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Thread: Best Double Stroller for the Parks?

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    Best Double Stroller for the Parks?

    Hi Friends -

    We're looking to buy a new double stroller for our twins for the parks, I want something light weight, folds easily, good shades (for that florida sun) - at least a tiny bit of storage , and easy to maneuver in the crowds. Any suggestions?


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    Will you use it again at home? You can rent from several places now...

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    Citi mini double. It's what most of the rental places have. We brought it out from California.

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    How old are they? We didn't take our twins until they were 4 and then we only used the Disney rentals. That worked out great. They stayed in those Disney strollers until they were 7! Those were great days. They were more rested in the parks, and shaded and therefore we were happy! The more they were pushed around in the parks, the easier it was to get out at the exits and walk to the busses. Younger than 4 I have no experience with though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3Princesses1Prince View Post
    Citi mini double. It's what most of the rental places have. We brought it out from California.
    Yep- we own a single and have rented the double. It is so easy to fold and the shades are great!
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    We have a Graco Duo-Glider. I think that is the newer version of ours. It is easy to move, and I like that it is single wide. It's actually not much bigger than the Graco single stroller we have, and it folds to a similar size too. The only downside (since your kids are the same age) is that only the back is fully recline-able. Both recline a little, but the back lays all the way down, which is important for a napping baby, but less so for toddler/preschool age. I see a lot of these at the park and around our neighborhood. One great thing is that it's not too spendy. I know some people worry about expensive strollers being stolen, though I really don't think you need to worry about that.

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    Best Double Stroller for the Parks?

    I agree with the recommendation for the City Mini. We rented one last year in WDW, and it was great. Our kids were 1 & 3 at the time and it worked out really well. The storage underneath is really decent, and more than I expected. It folded really easily. If we were going to buy a double stroller, I would get that one!

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