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Thread: Fantasyland or ToonTown first when doing early admission?

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    Fantasyland or ToonTown first when doing early admission?

    The title says it all!

    Last trip, we missed out on both Peter Pan's ride AND everything in ToonTown. This time, I plan on making sure we get to do both. Our first full day in the park we'll be using early admission, and I'm assuming we'd want to hit Peter Pan and then head to ToonTown, but not sure how that all works out.

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    Hit FL first: Peter Pan & Dumbo. Then Toontown, which IIRC sometimes doesn't open until an hour after the park opens.

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    Too town isn't open for mm hours so Fantasyland..

    Planning 3 trips at once...

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    We were able to cover everything in FL (except for Alice and Casey Jr.) during an EE with my nieces-- including three spins on the carousel and two spins on Dumbo for them. Hit Peter Pan first, then Dumbo, then everything else as everything else likely won't have as long of a line as Pan and Dumbo.

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    Thanks! We'll plan on doing Peter Pan first then.

    How quickly do the Mickey and Minnie m&g lines get long?

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    In regards to Toontown, as mentioned it often opens an hour after regular park opening. So if 9:00 is opening, your EE is at 8:00 and Toontown will open at 10:00. You can always ask a CM to be sure. They have a little procession when Toontown opens. Mickey and Minnie (and maybe a few others) come out and walk the guests into Toontown. Then Mickey and Minnie hang out at the doors of their houses. We found this out during our trip last year. Mickey does not do his photo barn pictures until later in the day. They will let you meet him and snap a photo, but there are no photo pass photographers at that time. The lines though only take a few minutes, compared to the 30+ minute wait for his barn later in the day. It is a good time to get on the Toontown rides too, as it's a little less busy than later in the day. Also, it's not so hot. We've found the 1-2 hours of morning time in Fantasyland followed by some time in Toontown makes for a great morning with a little one. Then you can always hop on the train and find something else to do.



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