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Thread: More Mouse: Remembering the Magic - Horizons and Mission: SPACE

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    More Mouse: Remembering the Magic - Horizons and Mission: SPACE

    Remembering the Magic - Horizons and Mission: SPACE by Jonathan Heigl

    Jonathan Heigl explores the history of Mission: SPACE

    Read it here!

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    Thank you for another fascinating and well-researched article!
    It is always a little sad when attractions change or disappear; however, nostalgia is a temptress who makes us forget reality, in my humble opinion. I say that because I enjoyed Horizons but felt none of the passion some others share when discussion turns to this long-lost attraction. (Nor do I miss World of Motion and its annoying theme song.) it was outdated when it closed and what the Imagineers built in its place is, for me, truly incredible.

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    Fun article. I never got a chance to do Horizons as my first trip to WDW was in 2002. I can say there was a lot of anticipation when I was there that summer, seeing the large plantes and facade being built. I couldn't wait to hit it in 2004 and M:S definitely lived up to it's billing. Thanks for the re-cap. I'll have to hit youtube and see if there's any good videos of Horizons.

    BTW, anyone else think that the Horizons logo just looks like an upsidedown Pac Man?

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    While I do think that Epcot needs its Mission Space, I think it should be where the Imagination pavilion is so that it will be on the same side as The Land and The Living Seas with Nemo. In its place, I think it should be a pavilion about communication. As for Horizons, I loved that ride but it needs to be more up to date, such as having the ending feel a little more realistic as though we were flying in those vehicles. I would place it opposite of where Spaceship Earth is to Innovations, so that Spaceship Earth would be about the Past, Innovations the Present, and Horizons the Future.



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