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Thread: Walt Disney World Resort Update

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    Walt Disney World Resort Update

    Walt Disney World Resort Update by Stephanie Wien
    Update for January 14 - 20, 2014
    Spice Road Table review | Fastpass+ goes resort-wide this week | All-Star Sport food court reopens | Seven Dwarfs Mine Train testing | Construction update | Quick takes | Crowd update

    Read it here!

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    We ate there last week and ordered the Tingis sampler plate. It was just 1 of the chicken rolls, 1 small slider (a little more than an inch across) and 1 sausage (about 3-4 in long). It was not a lot of food for $16. I don't know a lot about Med food, so I can't comment on the quality, but I didn't really like it. The Chicken roll was good, but I didn't love the lamb slider. The sausage wasn't bad, but it had a strong black pepper flavor and the texture was a bit on the mealy side. We probably won't be back.

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    Spice Road Table will definitely be on our must-dos when we're there in June. My boyfriend and I both love tapas and their menu looks promising. Hope most of the kinks are worked out by then.


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    Thanks for reviewing SRT. I think the main draw here will be for walk-in adult parties who want to drink before catching Illuminations. The typical WDW crowd who expects huge portions of comfort food might be disappointed. Personally, I prefer the menu at Marrakesh, but would try this once, especially if they decide to add it on to the Dining Plan later. Is it Disney-run or outsourced?

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    The samplers are definitely normal-sized portions - e.g., the same as you'd get if you ordered them individually.

    The prices and portion sizes are in line with other "small plates" restaurants I've been to, both in the US and abroad. It's definitely more expensive than the family-run steakhouse down the street in Middle America, but everything at Disney - and at most resort locations - is, right?

    "Tapas" (in Spanish, literally, "tops," because the small plates were used to cover your drink so flies wouldn't zoom in, and they eventually figured, "hey let's put some snacks on those plates) are often richer dishes, which is one reason they're smaller portions. In Spain, they're usually the way to start the evening - just a plate or two to share with a friend - before you drink some more and head off to dinner at 10pm.

    Our family enjoys small plates because it lets us "snack around the world" and try a variety of items. We'll often rely on appetizers from traditional menus, but it's nice to see Disney trying the small plate approach in a deliberate way. If you're trying to watch what you eat, they're definitely a nice way to try new things without having to commit to a ginormous meal. For folks who need more in a single sitting, the buffets remain a very viable option!

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    Walt Disney World Resort Update

    I doubt they'll add Spice Road to the dining plan. It doesn't fit the current meal types.




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