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Thread: More Mouse: Remembering the Magic - Stitch's Great Escape!

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    More Mouse: Remembering the Magic - Stitch's Great Escape!

    Remembering the Magic - Stitch's Great Escape! by Jonathan Heigl

    Contributing writer Jonathan Heigl looks back through the history of Stitch's Great Escape

    Read it here!

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    The location would be perfect for a WALL-E attraction.

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    Yeah, I hate it, too. Alien Encounter was super fun, but there's no way I'd take my kids on it so I see why it went away. I think it doesn't work for me because I remember how scary and fun it actually was. Had this Stich ride just arrived, I probably would be OK with it. My kids like it and think it's funny, so I guess we'll keep doing it. I wouldn't mind seeing a Disney future film turned to life here like Wall-E or even Tron. Either one of those would be family friendly, and the latter would attract nerds like me from all over the world.

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    I enjoyed Alien Encounter and thought it was something fun and different. When we were at WDW this last May, we actually rode Stitch again. The thing I noted was the room was 1/2 to 2/3 empty. While laugh floor across the street was full when we went there next.

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    Never did Alien Encounter but I would have loved to. 1995-2003 was my Disney "time-out" period, mostly for financial reason. I'm not impressed with Stitch. I've done it maybe 3 times since it opened and would only go now with someone who's never done it. Would love to see another attraction there.


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    This ride literally hurt my husband, and scared the bleep out of most of the little children....all you hear was screaming and crying .... did not like, will not do again.

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