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Thread: More Mouse: The Vacation Kingdom of the World: Giving Thanks

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    More Mouse: The Vacation Kingdom of the World: Giving Thanks

    The Vacation Kingdom of the World: Giving Thanks by Tom Richards

    For which Walt Disney World experiences are you most grateful? Please feel free to join the conversation.

    Read it here!

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    YES! A few good reminders of why I'm thankful for WDW. After spending a week at Disneyland, I left missing Epcot - especially Illuminations. It's perfect in everyway, and I'm thankful to have seen it 16 times and video recorded a few times, too.

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    tom an excellent piece . I am blessed to go often . the friendships I have made with the castmembers extend to 18 years for some I have been lucky enough to know . pam brody , carl schutt, gavin webber , bob Jackson , hollie brookshire , joann winn to name just a few . I hope to see them all in just 8 working days & counting for all the xmas bueaty

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    I was extremely blessed this year to be able to make 3 Disney trips (a record for me) and they were all damn near perfect! I'd go back tomorrow if I could (and had any 2013 vacation time left!)

    May....Walt Disney World.....Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge
    October....Disneyland.....Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian
    November...Walt Disney World....Boardwalk Villas

    I loved your article but I have to confess I'm one who really doesn't care for Illuminations:Reflections of Earth; I much preferred the pre-1999 versions of Illuminations that incorporated the Showcases and the wonderful classical music soundtrack. But to each his own, right?


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    I also absolutely love the Illuminations that incorporated World Showcase and classical music -- I listened to it nightly during my college days at WDW -- I hope that there's a CD release of the soundtrack someday -- especially if it includes the introductory and concluding narration. Thanks for your note -- it is much appreciated!

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    Love the Main Street Electrical Parade...but LOVED Spectromagic even more! So disappointed it's gone forever.

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    I am truly Thankful to have friends and family that love going (not sure I can say "as much as I" except for Nick) and realize what a great destination WDW is to get away from it all.

    Many of our peers think it odd and try to belittle adult men with no families for going as often as we have been (or at all for that matter). Those of us that know better, know that they are the ones missing out on the best vacations of a lifetime.

    No $10,000 Vegas trip, all inclusive beach trip in the Bahamas, road trip to Puerto Penasco, probably not even my Superbowl trip to Detroit was as relaxing/fun/stress relieving as even a crammed weekend trip to WDW for me.




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