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Thread: Share your personal experience with the new DAS program at Walt Disney World

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    Share your personal experience with the new DAS program at Walt Disney World

    Now that the new Disability Access Service program has replaced the former Guest Assistance Program at the Disney parks, we are looking for readers who have personally experienced a visit to Walt Disney World to share their experience here so other readers who are planning trips have an idea of what to expect.

    Note: this is a very specific request for personal experiences at Walt Disney World. There has been too much speculation, rumor and misinformation out there, and 4th-hand reports of what your brother's cousin's co-workers's friend says happened doesn't really provide useful information. We're also specifically looking for information about the new program as it is implemented at Walt Disney World in Florida, as the Disneyland Resort implementation is slightly different due to operational differences between the Resorts.

    If you've experienced the new DAS, please share as much detail as you feel comfortable. What is your situation, what sort of accommodation do you feel you need to experience the theme parks, and did this new program work for you? If you experienced a trip using the old GAC program, do you feel this program works better or worse? Are there specific changes you'd like to see implemented to make the DAS more effective?

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    I read a blog post earlier. Temporary Tourist. She went to MK today. I can't link from my phone sorry.



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