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Thread: Does Rainforest Cafe still have a member card that gives you $$ or priority seating?

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    Does Rainforest Cafe still have a member card that gives you $$ or priority seating?

    Good Morning Everyone, It's been quite awhile since I've seen any threads about the Rainforest Cafe. I think I remember some suggestions about joining and getting a coupon in the mail or priority seating or something like that. I tried to look it up at their site but it takes me to "Landry's" and it says "Purchase" a membership. Has anyone joined recently?

    Thanks for any info that you can share.

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    There's no longer the free one just the Landrys one for purchase. I considered it before our wdw trip because we'd have the birthday bonus reward for DH and were planning in doing Yak & Yeti and T-Rex but the savings after putting the money out would've been minimal.

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    Thanks for the quick reply 3P1P !! I think I'll skip it too.


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    I have the Landry's Select Card...they offered me a free transfer from the Safari Club Card when that was phased out a couple of years ago and is good at a lot more restaurants than just the Rainforest Cafe (e.g. Claim Jumper & Bubba Gump's). I still get priority seating, but no longer a free appetizer or 10% off of up to 4 entrees; however, the birthday 'reward' is now $25, as opposed to the $10 the Safari Club Card got you! You also get 10% off in the retail store (I can't remember for sure if the Safari card did the same; I think it did).

    Now you rack up points (1:1 for each dollar you spend on gift cards or in the restaurants) and get a $25 reward when you reach 250 points. The quickest way to reach that level is to buy gift cards & use them for both eating and in the retail stores; that way you are almost double-dipping on your earning power! You get points for both the gift card AND the restaurant; similar thought process for the retail store...get points for buying the gift card FIRST and then apply it to your retail purchase, AFTER the 10% discount has been applied (must be separate transactions).

    I'm not sure how much the membership is going for nowadays; we bought the Safari Club Card for $10 ($5 off the usual $15 cost) and then they gave us a $10 certificate that we used on a later visit so it was a no-brainer to take the free transfer to the Landry's card when it was offered.

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    We bought the Landry's card in 2011. We use it at Claim Jumper and McCormick & Schmick's in the Portland area. We have earned the reward multiple times. It cost $25 and they send a $25 reward for a future visit. It gives priority seating at all their locations. That is handy if we go to dinner after shopping all day. The 45-60 minute waits are usually reduced to 10 minutes at Claim Jumper.

    Not a good deal if you don't eat out much or don't have locations near you.

    It does let you bank your earned rewards for a year. I usually have 2-4 to use in Anaheim! Since we almost always eat at both Rainforest and Bubba Gump each trip, it is well worth having for our family!

    The birthday reward is good the month of your birthday and cannot be banked like the earned ones.

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    I have the Laundry Select card, and it is actually a pretty good deal. I got it before I visited RC in San Francisco last year during my birthday month.

    $25 one time membership fee. Once you sign up and pay the fee, within 24 hours you get a $25 reward. So that pays for the card right there. If you have a birthday the month you are going, that is even better. You then get a yearly $25 birthday reward. You can combine both rewards. So when I went to Rainforest I had a $25 welcome reward and a $25 birthday reward, so a credit for $50.

    Yearly you then get your $25 birthday reward to use anytime during your birthday month at any of their restaurants. So even if you go once a year, it is like free money.

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