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Thread: World View: Construction of the New Disney Springs

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    World View: Construction of the New Disney Springs

    Construction of the New Disney Springs by Jeff Kober

    Jeff Kober looks at how to navigate Downtown Disney during their major renovation

    Read it here!

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    Going to Downtown Disney early in the day is really the best advice there is. If you go at night, you deal with problems everywhere -- hard-to-find parking spaces, long waits at the bus stops, or long waits for the boats. This is doubly true on weekends; we generally avoid weekends altogether, unless we're going in the morning.

    I will admit that, even when we stay at Old Key West, we usually drive to Downtown Disney, just because the boat trip can be VERY long. It's not so bad from Saratoga Springs, and I'll definitely welcome a walkway from Saratoga Springs, but it can still be a fairly long trip depending on time of day and how long you have to wait for a boat.

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    I don't understand your advice to not go elsewhere. You're not going to find many deals/bargains at Downtown Disney. You're also won't find as much variety at Downtown Disney. The only thing they have in common is the crowds. All things being equal, letting your dollar go farther should be the goals.

    I see Downtown Disney as a tourist trap. It is mostly an entertainment zone. The shopping should be secondary. Thus, your advice about going in the mornings doesn't make sense. You don't go there merely for shopping as that activity is a waste of time. You already said the theme parks offer the same merchandise. It is better to buy merchandise as you see it and NOT delay it as the final activity before you leave the parks.

    Despite the bad parking, I think Downtown Disney or the "New Disney Springs" should be enjoyed as a place to have dinner and a good show like "Nouba". The best way to get a parking space is during the gap between lunch and dinner at 2 to 4 pm. Get a early dinner at 5pm. Go to the Nouba show or some other activity later where you already had a reservation.

    When you go so early, the shopping areas are still asleep. It is largely a waste of time.

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    Whether it's Downtown Disney or Disney Springs, it still doesn't have much appeal to me. I AM interested in knowing what some of the new dining options might be......I'd love to see an Indian, Thai or Spanish restaurant.....but other than that, I'll continue to spend most of my time at the parks or hotels.


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    I would agree that Downtown Disney is NOT the place for shopping. You can get pretty much what you want elsewhere at Disney. And what you can't get you can pretty much get at your local mall back home. That said, I do agree also that it is an entertainment zone. It's a great place to do dinner and Cirque. But it's also a great place for an afternoon matinee, or lunch and a balloon ride. For that reason, I think it can still be fairly enjoyed during the day--whether or not the shops are open.

    Why I said to not go elsewhere is because you will NOT find bargains at any of the malls or premium outlets in Orlando. The premium outlets are by and large as expensive as any other store you might visit elsewhere. It's not a great deal.

    Thanks to all for your responses. Jeff

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    We visit DTD each time we are in Florida. I like just walking around and soaking up the atmosphere. We enjoyed the Candy Store and Ghiradellis when we can get in. When we do, we usually share. We look at the art store and just kind of soak it up. However, parking has gotten horrible and the addition of garages will be a blessing. DisneyQuest needs a total re-do from what friends have said and I hope someday that is next on the list.

    We also once last summer visited the outlets out of necessity as my dear hubby was roasting in regular tees in the June heat. We actually got a great deal on 3 Nike wicking tee shirts from the Nike outlet. They were $9.99 or something small like that. Usually we don't visit those places on vacation but if you need something like that, then braving the outlets can save a vacation.

    Have a Disney Day!
    You don't have to walk on water, it's how you walk on land.

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    There are lots of reasons to shop at DTD.

    Disney Design-A-Tee. T-Rex. Magnetron. LEGO Imagination Store. Little Miss Matched. Planet Hollywood. Sosa Family Cigars.

    See? Even discounting Disney's Days of Christmas (since there are Christmas stores at the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios) and World of Disney, there are unique shops at DTD that sell stuff not sold in the parks, and that most of us don't have back home.

    Powers &8^]

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    My apologies to the good folks from the UK and elsewhere internationally. I wrote this article with U.S. audiences in mind, thinking about malls they have back in their home towns. In truth, the malls here in Orlando are great places to shop if you're coming from afar. My daughter worked for many months in Carters at the premium outlet, and absolutely enjoyed visiting with international guests. They were the best part of her job, and she often came home sharing her joy in serving them.



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