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Thread: Disneyland "Social Clubs"??

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    Disneyland "Social Clubs"??

    I was at Disneyland and DCA yesterday, and there were multiple groups walking around in what looked like biker vests with Disney patches and various Disneyland-related group names... I saw "The Neverlanders," "Main St. Elite," and "The Hitchhikers." Some were small groups, but I saw one grouping that was between 15 and 20 people. Many of them had Disney tattoos and they were all Disney-accessorized from head to toe. Does anyone know what these groups are, or whether there was some unofficial event or gathering yesterday? I was way curious, but never got close enough to ask.

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    I was wondering about them too. A friend of mine posted some pictures on facebook, and I googled them and found

    Interesting. Like a Happy, Disney biker gang.

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    And I thought I had the Disney bug bad . . . . .

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    Yea...I was just there yesterday as well and noticed these "Cobra and Thunderbird" Happy Days looking groups...whatever floats your boat I guess :-)

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    Hmmm... the happiest biker gang on earth?



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