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Thread: Disneyland Resort Update

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    Disneyland Resort Update

    Disneyland Resort Update by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix
    Update for July 8 - 14, 2013
    2013 Mickey's Halloween Party | Trimming the wick on Candlelight? | runDisney adds a 10K and changes schedules for Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend | 2013 CHOC Walk | Two more CHOC events | This and that... | Crowd Forecast

    Read it here!

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    I actually like the new DL map. I don't mind the "green".


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    They rushed too quickly into the Tink 10K, that's another reason I think it's a greedy decision. They weren't ready for another 10K - they didn't have it ready to announce with the pink coast to coast, they didn't have it ready to announce to the charity team captains, they couldn't do a "Challenge", I presume because they'd already announced the Glass Slipper Challenge and marketed the pink coast to coast medal. No one said "What if we put this on hold for a year and do it right from the start?" Or if they did, they didn't listen to that person. Or put the Tink 5K in the evening instead of the morning of Friday. It just all smells too much.

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    As the mom of someone who is going to be seriously sad that her babies won't be there with her, I'm not a fan of run Disney at the moment. She will participate but it just won't be the experience that her friends and loved ones have been planning for almost a year. Make no mistake, I know she'll still have a good time and it will be for the best cause but yeah a family fun run on a day when most families can't participate just stinks IMHO

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