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Thread: That's My Opinion: Park Peeves 2013

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    Hi Steve!

    Great article once again. I have the same pet peeve about the last minute guests squeezing into your spot and last summer tried something a little different. When these guests asked if we could move over so they could have room to see the parade, I smiled looked them in the eye and very politely said, 'absolutely, no worries, there is plenty of room right BEHIND us'. Well they looked at me like I had five heads, thought for a moment not really knowing what to do and then declined my offer saying they would look further down and then thanked me! I only tried this twice during our day at the Magic Kingdom but both times it worked like a charm!

    Thanks for the article they are always good for a few laughs!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Humphrey the Bear View Post
    And that's why, whether or not Mr. Russo meant this series of columns in a humorous way, I find them at least distasteful and at worst the antithesis of all a Disney Park represents.
    Hmmm, it's pretty clear from the very beginning of the article what the subject matter of the article is, so I find it odd that you kept reading the article, knowing what it was about.

    I've enjoyed the series, even though I haven't always agreed with all the points, and I like the discussion that ensues. I'll also admit that some of the entries have been things I hadn't thought about that I might be doing, so the next time, having been alerted to the fact that something I wasn't mindful of might be causing an issue for someone else, I've been more careful about not doing X or at least minimizing X.

    I've never been one to believe that the "happiest place on earth" means you have to plaster a smile on your face all day and let that be and never discuss anything that might be less than happy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Humphrey the Bear View Post
    Responding to the late arriver with, "I'm so sorry, there's just no more room to squeeze you folks in front of us," or enshrining their faux pas in a web blog?
    You're presuming that this is the first person who's done that and that it's a knee jerk reaction to just post about it. I've done that where I've responded politely. Sometimes, the people simply try to find another space. Sometimes, they respond to your simple response of "sorry, there's no room" with an expletive-laden rant about how rude you are not to accommodate them. And sometimes, they don't even ask and just try to push their way in, because of course you can fit a family of four in the two inches between my husband and me. Sometimes, their request that you just let their little child in works well, and said child is able to see and enjoy the show, as is everyone else. And other times, letting that one child in means they also want to bring their several siblings/friends and also doesn't want to be separated from their parent, so you then spend an entire showing of Fantasmic with a revolving group of people parading in front of you. Is it going to destroy my life? Nope. Is it annoying? Yep. So we talk about it. That's all.
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    I will say that my biggest Park Peeve has to do with the mobility scooters. Now please don't get me wrong, I fully believe that there are people who truly need these to get around. I have seen many people on my trips get these scooters and drive through crowds like they are in some kind of a motorcycle gang. Once they get to a ride, it seems as if some divine intervention has allowed them to get up and run to get on the ride or a food stand. I have recently heard that there was some group that was promoting shorter lines by utilizing these scooters. As the parks get busier and the real estate gets smaller, I think that Disney will have to address this problem. Now I will say that I am a man with a few extra pounds and if it ever came to me having a problem getting around with my extra weight, I would probably stop going to the parks. I am a little bothered how some of these scooter trolling people feel that they have a sense of entitlement. We are all at the parks to have a good time and the scootering public need to have some patience. I once witnessed a person on a scooter yell at a Cast Member because their scooter had died in the park. I actually went over and said something to the operator (much to my wife's objection). Just because you have a scooter doesn't make you a celebrity and allow you to cut lines, and treat others as subordinates. This is just my honest opinion. And for the record I am in no way trying to pick on the heavier community, as I am a member of said community.

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    andrew, I couldn't have said it better. I was most ambivalent to the scooter folks, till one day waiting for the ferry at the MK. There was a guy who probably topped 500 pounds sitting in a scooter. The thing that made it memorable was that the front basket of the scooter was filled to overflowing with munchies, and his arm was practically a blur as he demolished a bag of Doritos. Don't tell me that's a glandular thing . . . . .


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    My pet peeve is seeing more and more resorts going up on property and outside and nothing really being added to the parks, so they keep getting more crowded every season.

    "Although we think it's DOPEY that Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet, which has made some people GRUMPY and others just SLEEPY, we are not BASHFUL in saying we would be HAPPY if Disney's Pluto would join us as an 8th dwarf. We think this is just what the DOC ordered and is nothing to SNEEZE at."

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    Well, speaking of scooters. as someone who is obese and physically disabled (you may not know it if you looked at me, but would if you saw me try to use a walker), my pet peeve is folks who walk right in ront of us and expect us to stop on a dime. I know I am amongst crowds, including kids, and don't go fast. But watch whee you are going, and don't stop in the middle-go to the right of the path you are walking, so you don't stop pedestrians or scooters (or strollers)!!! Stepping off my soapbox mow.

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    jimbo 996 !! i bet you have all sorts of stickers on the back of your car stating " my child is fill in the blank " hump the bear !! sadly john lennon is dead so ALL WE ARE SAYING IS GIVE PEACE A CHANCE doesnt work anymore if it ever did . as a vet of many visits to the "world " i will allow POLITE guests some leeway if reasonable . mr russo was only pointing out the quite frankly RUDE unreasonable ones . just because YOUR KIDS ARE " SPECIAL does not give them or you the right to ruin someone elses vacation or time .

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    The Anti-Bussers...

    What many folks don't realize is that this is a cultural thing. For some foreign guests, especially South American visitors, they are used to fast food/quick service establishments bussing tables for you.

    I too was taken aback by this sight when I did my College Program...that is until someone explained it to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haiderodes View Post

    What many folks don't realize is that this is a cultural thing. For some foreign guests
    That's a cogent analysis and I'm glad you bring it up. From me, foreign guests at the resort get a lot more leeway and benefit of the doubt for certain breaches of etiquette. Waiting your turn patiently in line, respecting others' personal space, not sitting at an occupied table or taking chairs from it, and (this one is near impossible to stomach) not using deodorant or practicing general hygiene ..... these are all phenomena that haven't reached - and may never reach - certain parts of the world. And since the foreigners are difficult to distinguish from the natives, I pretty much give everyone the benefit of the doubt just to be safe.
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