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Thread: MouseAdventure UP All Night - May 24, 2013 [FREE EVENT!]

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    MouseAdventure UP All Night - May 24, 2013 [FREE EVENT!]

    MouseAdventure UP All Night

    Have you always wondered what this whole "MouseAdventure" thing is about?

    Perhaps you're a veteran player always looking for the next Adventure?

    Or maybe you're just looking for One More thing to do during the Monstrous All Nighter at Disneyland?

    Whether you've played every MouseAdventure since 2000, or you want to get a taste of the game before committing to a full event, here is everything you need to know about the casual, FREE event we will host during the Monstrous Summer All Nighter.

    What: MouseAdventure UP All Night
    When: May 24-25 during the Monstrous Summer All Nighter event
    Where: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure
    Who: YOU! Play solo or bring a friend. There are no formal "teams" for this event.
    How much: FREE!

    We've assembled a collection of brand-new and classic MouseAdventure quests from both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. We'll release these quests one at a time every few hours throughout the entire 24 hour party. You can try one or play them all - this is a completely casual game without the usual structure of a normal MouseAdventure event.

    How do we play?
    • First, you MUST have a Twitter account and follow @MouseAdventure on Twitter. We know that this will prevent some people from participating, but the unpredictable nature of this 24 hour party makes it impossible for us to keep to a published schedule. We need to be flexible during the event, and will use Twitter to communicate with the players.
    • Keep an eye on Twitter and watch for us to announce when and where we'll hand out the next quest. We'll try to give at least 30 minutes notice.
    • Once you have the quest, solve it as quickly as you can, then Tweet the answer to @MouseAdventure. [Note: you must use a public Twitter account or we will be unable to see your answers]
    • Some quests may require you to Tweet a photo to prove that you solved the puzzle, so a cell phone with camera is recommended.
    • The first person to correctly solve the quest wins!

    We can't wait to see our veteran players and meet some new Adventurers at the Monstrous Summer All Nighter. Are YOU ready to be UP All Night?
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    Methinks I'll have to keep an eye on Twitter tomorrow even though I'll be nowhere near the parks.

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    Re: MouseAdventure UP All Night - May 24, 2013 [FREE EVENT!]

    I can't wait...should give us something to do so we aren't getting irritated with the crowds of people

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    Looking forward to it. I was interested in going just for the all-nighter aspect of it. But now that you've added quests to the mix, now the other members of the Naboombu All-Stars team plan to get there as each gets off work. I'm hoping my later-arriving friends avoid the neighborhood gridlock I experienced last year when I headed to the park around 10pm.

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    Now let's see if I can multi task...MouseAdventure and swing dancing!

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    A suggestion for those who intend to play: You might want to set up a text alert for tweets from MouseAdventure in case the data network gets overloaded during the event due to park crowds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stan4d_steph View Post
    A suggestion for those who intend to play: You might want to set up a text alert for tweets from MouseAdventure in case the data network gets overloaded during the event due to park crowds.
    Thank you Steph. Great idea.

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    Very excited for this--it pushed us over the edge in coming down for the evening!

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    Totaly convinced my boyfriend to do this! We are both off work showering and away we go!

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    Had a great time, thanks for doing it!!

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    Lindsey and I (Squirrel Squad Light) had a lot of fun playing the MA UP All Night... Even though we didn't make it to being up all night... We ended up missing the 9:00 quest, and then we were too tired to stay much longer after 11.

    Thank you to the crew members who put this on! It was great. (And I totally would look forward being able to participate in another one!)

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