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Thread: Siggy's Fabulous Fantasy Voyage 11/30/2013 PTR

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    Siggy's Fabulous Fantasy Voyage 11/30/2013 PTR

    I'm Jill aka Siggy which is short for Sigal Tchelet, my Hebrew name.

    First of all, I can't believe I am finally starting this. Back around Thanksgiving last year, I had gotten a bee in my bonnet that I wanted to go on a Disney cruise. My oldest niece and her family were about to go on the Wonder to Mexico and I was just so envious. The 2 previous cruises I had gone on were for my 35th and 40th birthdays, as gifts from my parents. I had not been on any since. I am a huge Disney Fanatic.

    In December 2008, my life changed dramatically when I was hit by a car. Made it to almost 50 without ever breaking a bone, Oh well-so I broke a few bones in my leg and am now in a wheelchair. I am thankful to be alive and to not have had any brain damage or paralysis. Of course my folks felt terrible. My mom always said I had good coping skills. I am finally at a good point in my life-pretty independent with an electric wheelchair. Plus there is this angel of a lady who helps take care of me 5 days a week for a few hours.

    Well, I knew my folks felt bad for what I had been through and wanted to do something for me. I approached them in November and asked if I could go on a Disney Cruise and take my caregiver, Linda. She works so hard and has never taken a vacation. Plus, she is so fun and outgoing, that I knew she would have a blast. I was really surprised and they agreed!

    I did my research, and decided to go on the Fantasy, right after Thanksgiving in 2013, which is during Hanukkah. I have a wonderful TA who I met on here on MP, that specializes in Disney Cruises. (PM me if you want contact info) who is just wonderful! So here are the details so far:

    Jill (54 at time of cruise) Grew up going to Disneyland (45 minutes away), WDW-1994, Cruised RCCL Monarch of the Seas (solo) Southern Caribbean 1994, Cruised Celebrity Galaxy to Alaska 1999 with whole family.

    Linda (61 at time if the cruise)-No Disney or cruise experience.

    When: November 30-December 7th

    Ship: Fantasy

    Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean from Port Canaveral. Ports: St. Thomas, St. Martin, Castaway Cay.

    Since Southwest does not release their schedule until May 6, I do not have flights booked. But I do know we plan to fly in on the 29th. I have booked us a standard HCA room at Port Orleans Riverside and will take Disney Transportation to the port.

    My plan is, on the 27th, I will fly from Sacramento to LAX and go spend 2 days with my parents to celebrate the first 2 nights of Hanukkah (Oy! SO early this year!) and of course, celebrate Thanksgiving. On the 29th, I will go back to LAX, and Linda will fly down from Sacramento first thing in the morning, to meet me there. Then we will fly out to Orlando. I am hoping we get there early enough to check in at the hotel and then go to Downtown Disney to check it out and have some dinner.

    When we get back, what I am hoping will happen is, Linda flies back to Sacramento (she can't afford to miss any more work), and I book a room at Art of Animation for 5 nights and get 5 day park hoppers. I am hoping we can swing the stay at the parks, but not sure.

    So, that's where I am at. I know half the fun of this is the planning and anticipation!

    Oh btw-I found the meet thread for this cruise and met some fabulous folks, online. We have a FB group too-can't wait to meet them in person!

    I hope you will enjoy following me on this FABULOUS adventure! ;D ;D

    Siggy aka Jill

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    Sorry to hear about what happened to you and about your injuries. I think your trip sounds awesome and I hope you are able to stay at the parks after your cruise like you want to

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    I know you're looking forward to it and will have a great time!

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