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Thread: Opa! A Celebration of Greece Coming to Disneyland Resort May 25-27

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    Opa! A Celebration of Greece Coming to Disneyland Resort May 25-27

    From the Disney Parks Blog:

    Join us at the Disneyland Resort from May 25-27 for Opa! A Celebration of Greece, featuring music, dance, art, food, history and more! Festivities will take place in both “it’s a small world” Mall in Disneyland park and Paradise Gardens in Disney California Adventure park. Mickey Mouse will even be there in his Fustanella attire!

    Each day from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., these two areas will offer special experiences such as:

    “it’s a small world” Mall

    • Olympics training with Hercules
    • Atmosphere entertainment by “The Citizens of Greece”
    • Live performances from Greek musicians and dancers
    • Special Greek food offerings

    Paradise Garden

    • Greek wine tastings
    • Live performances from Greek musicians
    • Kalamatian line dances
    • Special Greek food offerings
    • Atmosphere entertainment by “The Citizens of Greece”

    And on May 26, you’re invited to join Greek celebrity Chef Argiro Barbarigou and Greek winemaker Christina Boutari for a special dinner at the Golden Vine Winery in Disney California Adventure park. Reservations and tickets may be purchased online starting March 25, so check back for booking details.

    Come join us for Opa! A Celebration of Greece, May 25-27 at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks!
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    Any news on the special food offerings? Hoping for some baklava!


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    I'm excited to see that Hercules will be out and about!

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    I'm hoping that Hercules will be available for autographs and pictures!

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    Ok, I know there's a limit on attachment and images per post, so I'm going to try an image host. I apologize for the crappy quality of pics from my phone these days. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

    Photo backdrop in DCA that I saw on Friday night.

    Mickey's photo op in DL.

    This sign was up in 2 places, near the paper olive wreaths and the Hercules meet & greet.

    Paper olive wreaths, they also had some leaf stickers, like they did with the Dia de los Reyes crowns.

    Greek jar/urn that looks like a teapot. Hercules head is on it, my phone just doesn't do well with things partially in shadow.

    These CMs were doing the Hercules pose, it was funny, they stopped right as a took the picture, but that's the outfit CMs are wearing.

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    Hercules meet & greet.

    Hercules again.

    I saw 2 different groups of kids doing Greek dances.

    Second group.

    One of the atmosphere characters. I also saw a guy in armor carrying a giant spear.

    Cookies for sale. Again, my camera didn't do so well, but there are 5 cookies in the container, but if you buy them they were in a bag.

    I wasn't sure if this pork shank at Edelweiss was part of the Greek celebration or not, but it was on display at noon and when I walked back at 12:30 it was sold out, so no picture.

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    We went back to the resort today for this. It was kind of disappointing. I was expecting more. We had lunch at Paradise Grill. The husband and I both had the gyro pita, which was pretty good, though I think they forgot to give us the extra tzatziki (sp?) sauce like it looked in the picture. We shared the Greek salad as well, which was good, but it's on the regular menu so wasn't a special item. They had a photo op, so some of us waited in line and got a picture with Mickey. We stopped at the little cart right outside the area, but they were already out of baklava. I was going to give it another chance since I've previously found baklava to be too sweet for my taste. A friend bought some of the cookies I couldn't begin to spell, and we all agreed that it was ok but very non-distinct and rather forgettable. We went over to Disneyland and they had a dance group in small world mall and a setup for a photo op, which Hercules was leaving as we walked by. There was supposedly food at some carts, but I didn't see them and we were on our way to something else, so I didn't look too hard.

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    I was also a little underwhelmed by this. I went yesterday (Sunday) too. Saw Mickey in his Greek gear, but I didn't see the Hercules Meet and Greet. There were CMs with Greek "headdresses" to put stickers on, and I saw the food offerings. The Greek music and bands were fun, but it all seemed kind of half-done. Even more so in DCA -- when I stopped by, there was no band, music, or character stuff going on. It was literally just the food offerings. Disneyland had a better setup going on, but still. Maybe this was just one event too many right after the 24-hour event.

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    John Stamos is behind all of this..isn't he?

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    The only issues I had were that you had to go through the Hercules meet & greet to shoot the bow & arrow. When Hercules wasn't out they kept the CMs out there, buy stopped the training games. I didn't particularly want to meet Hercules, but would have done the other stuff.

    Also, I wasn't impressed with the atmosphere characters. I thought the dancers were enough, and that I really didn't gain anything by interacting with the actress clutching prayer beads and speaking broken English. It actually made me a little uncomfortable, because she came off like a stereotype.

    But I liked the Mickey photo op, I thought it was handled well. The CMs running the laurel wreath table were great, the kids dancing seemed happy to be there and the crowd watching them all seemed to be enjoying it.



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