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    Max Pass

    A couple questions about MP. We are going with 3 married children and their kids plus our kids at home. From what I understand it would be best to have one person, my husband most likely, have all the passes linked in his phone for MP so we can all get the same return time. So what happens if someone wants to go off on their own? Do they just need to get their FPs the old fashioned way? Or can they log into our account on their phone to do it? Do you have to get a FP for everyone when you do it on your phone or can you just select certain passes to receive them? Also, how do ride pictures work? The app said to just enter the code from the picture but does that mean anyone can download your photo and you can download anyone else's? Not that I would ever do that and I don't think most people would but you never know.

    We'll be there next Sunday and don't want to be figuring it out when we get there. We haven't been in 3 years but we used to go all the time. I used to be the one everyone came to to ask questions of but now I feel like a complete newbie. There have been so many changes since then.

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    You can actually pick which person listed gets which ride's fastpass. So if you are using maxpass there is no worry about having to get the paper reminder for it but just make sure the right person is checked for whichever ride(s) they want. Then the person can just use their ticket to scan at the ride when its time. Its really an easy thing to use and shouldn't be hard to catch on with once you see it and use it. I can imagine you probably can be logged under the same acct on different phones. Someone else that might have more experience with that hopefully can answer better. And yes you just enter in the code for the ride picture and it will come up under your acct after a short time. Its just your ride pic you enter. Not a bunch of others but just those in the pic you get. Have fun!

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    For the photo if someone is off on their own just have them text the picture number/code to the Maxpass user.

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    I think you can also link a pass in multiple accounts, so it can be managed by multiple friend & I were able to do that earlier this year (link each other's passes in each other's account), but things may have changed by now.

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