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Thread: Goofy's Kitchen or Surf's Up

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    Goofy's Kitchen or Surf's Up

    I experienced Goofy's Kitchen for the first time a couple months ago and my family loved it. On our next trip I made a reservation for Surf's Up. We've never been and I'm wondering how it compares to Goofy's Kitchen. How is the buffet? It looks like the atmosphere is more laid back and there is more interaction with the kids and characters. I'm looking for good food, good service and of course seeing characters. So my debate is do we do Goofy's Kitchen again or keep the reservation at PCH?

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    We enjoy both. I sort of prefer Surfs up. Better buffet, fewer characters, but better interaction.

    Planning 3 trips at once...

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    Goofy's Kitchen or Surf's Up

    Are Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Stitch guaranteed or just Mickey?

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    I also prefer Surf's Up. I have done Goofy's Kitchen for several years, and last year tried Surf's Up for the first time. Our older daughter loves Mickey, so we went there several times. In September, we tried Goofy's Kitchen (it has been a few years since my last trip there). I was really disappointed that they didn't do the dancing that they used to do. The only opportunity to interact with the characters is when they come around to your table. I love the dancing and interacting at Surf's Up and our daughter loves to go visit Mickey whenever he's looking lonely up there. I think the food is pretty much the same at either place. We have seen Mickey, Stitch, and Max (Goofy's son) each time we were there. We have also seen Minnie, Daisy, and Pluto, but not every time.

    Personally, I would keep your reservation for Surf's Up so you can make the comparison yourself! Have fun!

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    On our last trip, my son wanted to see Stitch. He is 10 and that was the only character he was really interested in. So, we did the Surf's Up breakfast.

    In all our trips to Disney, including many, many character meals on both coasts, we have never had an experience that even came close to the magical experience we had at this buffet.

    Stitch spent sooo much time with our family. We said to him that he was the reason we did this buffet, and it was UNREAL how much he did with our son...took him to dance, played with him, drew pictures with him and on and on. The other characters were great, but this was truly remarkable. Even at 10, our son was practically crying when he had to leave! It was just so special it was hard for it to end

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    I've been to Goofy's once and wasn't a big fan, although I loved seeing Baloo. Surf's up on the other hand has always been extremely magical, with THE BEST character interaction. My baby has crawled around with Mickey (when baby was only crawling), had multiple characters all to himself, played drums with Minnie, had Max wrapped around his little finger, and once we had a photo opportunity with 5 characters at once. I do love it and the food is yummy!

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    The nice lady at Disney Dining said that Surf's Up with Mickey is the only Character Dining that Mickey is guaranteed to show, he may show up to other ones but that is only by chance. Stitch also normally shows up to Surf’s Up but he is not guaranteed. Minnie has her own Character Dining Breakfast in Disneyland, so that she will show up there and Daisy shows up very rarely.

    Hope this helps! Have fun! I love Stitch too!

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