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Thread: More Mouse: Time is Money: Making Time to Rest

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    More Mouse: Time is Money: Making Time to Rest

    Time is Money: Making Time to Rest by Margie Binder

    Margie Binder offers advice on planning time to rest during your Walt Disney World vacation.

    Read it here!

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    Personally, I feel the afternoon breaks to be the worse use of time. You're already enjoying the park, probably had lunch at the park, then boom, you decide to head back to your hotel for a break and for what exactly? The trek to your room is a long one. You have to walk from the park to the bus stop, your car, or the monorail. You take some travel time on such vehicle. Then walk from the bus to your room. That's at least 30 minutes to an hour. You're probably still very wound up from the morning and not feeling you need the rest. So you decide to visit the pool. Okay fine, then you go swimming. It is quickly becoming 4pm at the resort pool. You take a shower, then you're tired and decide to sleep for 1 hour or 2.

    Now its 6pm. You go to the restaurant for food. You eaten and it is close to 7:30pm. You feel you have some remaining time left for the parks. You go to the park. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the gate. You show your hand print. You're in at 8:30pm. You enjoy the park for 2 to 3 hours. Fireworks. 11pm!!! You go back home.

    That's a full day where you barely even enjoyed the park because you're going back and forth and you taken diversions since it is so easy to do them.

    If you want to take rest breaks, which gives you the benefit of not feeling so tired, either sleep late or come back early from the parks.

    If you sleep late, you wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready at a very slow pace. You might not get to the park until 11am. You enjoy the full day at the park until 9 to 10pm.

    Alternatively, you visit the park very early at 8am and stay until just before dinner at 4 to 5pm. Return to your room, clean up, and have a nice leisurely dinner. Then sleep at 9 to 10pm.

    You can take the full morning off. Use the time to visit the pool or water park for the full day. Then visit the park in the early evening for the shows.

    If you're truly the type that need substantial rest, a theme park trip is not your type of trip. Or perhaps visit during the off-season when the lines are non-existent so you can enjoy each park in a morning quickie.

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    Hi Jim--

    Well, your sleeping-in idea depends a lot on whether you want to hit the headliner attractions. If you don't arrive at a park until 11a, as you suggest, the lines for the headliners will be at least an hour long, with the FastPass return window out 3-4 hours or more. My family loves the roller coasters, and whether an early Extra Magic Hour or regular opening, we can ride Expedition Everest 5-6 times in the first hour if we choose, or Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror 4-5 times, picking up FastPasses for another ride, or for a different attraction, to use later in the morning. We have often knocked off 8+ attractions by 11a without feeling like we're rushing. Those same 8+ things would probably take the rest of the day if we did not show up until midday.

    That said, nothing wrong with sleeping in one morning, or arriving early at a park, staying most of the day and returning for good early, as we usually do on our Animal Kingdom day. I think it goes back to the importance of pre-trip planning and discussion; of knowing the priorities, habits, and stamina (particularly in the Florida heat) of yourself and your traveling party, and enjoying whatever time you have in Walt Disney World. Different strokes for different folks!

    Thanks for writing in.



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    I have pretty good luck with the leaving at 3, coming back at 6 model. The worst part though is waking up from that nap; it's usually a brutal experience. But it does help in the long run.

    If I took naps like that at home, I'd be up all night tossing and turning. Doesn't seem to happen at WDW, lol!

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    Excellent article, Margie. I'm all for the afternoon nap. I usually head back for my room shortly after lunch, enjoy a nice air conditioned rest, and then make it back into the parks around 4pm. Works great for me!

    The only thing I disagreed with was the idea that some places on WDW property are too far away to do the mid-day break. I always rent a car, so I don't usually have to depend on Disney transportation. That said, while the property is pretty large, it's not like driving from city to city. Depending on where you're park storming and where your hotel is, it might take you 30 minutes go get there instead of 15. Not really that big of a difference, and the benefits far outweigh any time lost.

    And I really don't like the idea of sleeping in and getting to a park by 11am (sorry, Jimbo). You can get so much done it that first 2 or 3 hours that it more than makes up for the hours during the hot crowded afternoon that you spend blissfully napping in air conditioned comfort!


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